my Alma had a bad first day out

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  1. ita.
  2. Just ignore them. They don't know any better; they have no class. :lecture: Enjoy your new bag and wear her in good health! :party:
  3. ERR........... Don't those women recognize the LV symbols!?!??! If it's any knockoff at all, surely they would think it's a fake LV first and foremost? Wow, some people are so ugly and ignorant, it's really quite amusing. Please. The Alma looks nothing like anything Delvaux has ever made. It doesn't even come close!

    ITA, no class at all! :nogood: It's definitely just the jealousy and ignorance speaking.
  4. This is so true and can apply to any situation from handbags to the workplace and anything else in between. When I encounter situations like this in any arena of life, I use it as a teachable moment for myself, or for my children if it involves them. It acts as a reminder of HOW NOT to treat others.
  5. That was most def the green eyed monster talking.
    Some people make themselves bigger by trying to make others smaller. Rise above it.
    Had I seen you with it, i would have thrown myself onto you in praise!
  6. One word...Jealousy
  7. dont worry!!! JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!! stupid girls. :biggrin:

    You make they mad = you won!!! :biggrin:
  8. OMG this happened to me to with my Gold Miroir Alma mm's first day out :cry: but she survived unscathed... thank the lord!
  9. Yes you totally should!
    Don't think about it anymore, that's not worth it at all.
    Those women don't know what they're talking about! Haha they didn't even notice it was LV.

    The most important thing is that YOU know it's real, and that YOU're proud of it! Keep showing it off! :biggrin:
  10. I saw a woman with an amarante alma in Ikea a few weeks ago, and I swooned until I almost passed out on the floor. lol

    Anyway...I had a woman say something mean to me in the grocery store a while ago, and for some reason it has been bothering me and making me feel bad. I told my therapist about it (I know, sounds hokey lol) and she looked at me funny and said, "Well, obviously that woman has issues, but it has nothing to do with you!"

    And she is TOTALLY right. Obviously, those women have issues. What they did was rude and mean, and that is something that THEY will have to deal with. Maybe they were jealous, or angry, or whatever...but please don't let it get you down. Your bag is FABULOUS! ;)
  11. I love this point: "Jealousy keeps happiness away from them". SOOOO TRUE!
  12. I'm sure that as you take her out more, the compliments will far outweigh the negativity :hugs:
  13. wow.. they are so rude... But Im glad you did not give them the satisfaction.
  14. Some people are so rude! I think I would have given them ripped them a new one..ya know, to make sure they won't be rude to anyone ever again.
  15. Some people are just mean...Point blank. Period.