my Alma had a bad first day out

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  1. Just keep cool, think positive and always be proud of your LV. :cutesy:
  2. Thank you for all your lovely comments, I will keep each one in my mind when I see this kind of women again...THANK YOU, I feel way better!!!
  3. Please ignore them, your Alma is TDF.
    They were just jealous.
  4. It reminds me of my first day carrying my Mono Speedy 30 just a couple of weeks ago last year.

    A guy and a gal was walking in front of me but I had to cross the street and pass them. I heard the guy say, "And remember I talked about High End Fashion? Well, this gal is carrying one of those Big Brand Name bags and this particular one is extremely expensive! [Or something to that effect since it was weeks ago that I overheard him.]

    I just giggled hearing that, but perhaps lucky for me I didn't hear the rest of the conversation. :blush:

    At least this one guy had a concept of a LV bag.
  5. Those people are either jealous or don't know s**t about LV. In both cases they are not worth it if you feel bad! The amarante alma is stunning and you should wear her with pride and confidence! Just take her out again, I'm sure there will be great comments too!
  6. Don't let them bother you! I've had the same experience one time when my bag was still new (with the fresh vachetta color and all). After all, its your bag and just make sure no one makes you feel bad about carrying it. :tup:
  7. It's not jealousy, it's just that they are pretentious - trying to pretend that they know what they are talking about, when they clearly don't.

    And how mortifying is it to mistake a Louis Vuitton that costs $1,500 for a "plastic bag"?!!!! I actually cringed when I read that!
  8. Imagine one of them going into Delvaux trying to find the "knockoff Alma". Who are they kidding.

    I think it's hard to let people like that get away... I guess I would want to do the following (or think of doing it and then having a chuckle):

    A. Say loudly "What?! How DARE you!!" (repeat until they go away)
    B. Laugh loudly at them as they walk away
    C. Shake your head sadly at them (repeat etc)

    I know, horrible but it's good to fantasize (or put it in action *cackle*) :P
  9. i agree!!:yahoo:
  10. awww.. why were they so rude? never mind, it is all good as long as it is genuine!!!
  11. Don't let their comment get to you. They're obviously jealous and have no sense of fashion and don't know a thing about luxury handbags because if they did they would know that you're carrying a very special and expensive LV piece
    By the way, since when has a Vernis bag look like plastic?!?!

  12. Exactly! Don't pay attention to it. You'll never see them again, either.
  13. I'm sorry! That sucks! Your Alma is tdf! Don't give those rude women another thought!!
  14. Once again I want to thank you all for your "support"!!! I actually went shopping again today (I know...) and no bad remarks, on the contrary...
  15. This similar situation happen to me the other day,
    I was at the mall and a couple were talking next to me, the guy said "Dont just buy any bag, just get the LV , they are IN right now!" and the girl replied LOUD and CLEAR "No! that is for Oldies!!!"
    I was standing next to her and was the only one in that area with a LV Totally MM on my shoulder! I feel so bad but now I regret I didnt say or do anything.