my Alma had a bad first day out

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  1. Ok, so you guys sometimes "talk" here about "rude" people concerning your LV's and therefor I will give you my "bad" experience of the day...

    I took my new ALma Pm Amarante out shopping today for the first time and I was really happy and proud :supacool:!
    When I was in H&M there were two ladies who immediately eyed my Alma. I was thinking they liked it... But as I was watching the accessories, they came close and started talking about the handbags that were being sold there: " See this? It's a knockoff of Delvaux (which is an expensive Belgian brand) but is terrible and in plastic" and the other lady says (really loud, so I really couldn't miss it) "Plastic? I would never wear a plastic bag like some people do!" and with a very obvious look at me they left...

    At first I was a little shocked and didn't feel good at all :sad::cry:but after a while I was thinking this was the exact reaction they were hoping for. So I felt bad for not giving a reaction ...

    Why are people like this, you think? I can't imagine doing anything like this...
  2. Don't let that bug you. They are just rude and don't know any better.
  3. Some people will go out of their way to make others feel bad because of jealousy.
  4. I agree. ^^^
  5. Jealousy can cause people to do some ugly things:weird:
  6. I'm sorry to hear that! :sad: It's definitely out of jealousy.
    And even if they didn't like the style, they should have just kept it to themselves instead of going out of there way to make you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Some people are very unhappy and they go out of their way to spread it around. Just feel sorry for them and don't let them steal your joy:woohoo:
  8. So true. My guess is these ladies were just jealous that they cannot and probably will not ever be able to afford your bag.
  9. i agree^^
  10. :sad: I'm sorry they had to ruin it for you. In my opinion, the amarante alma is FAB! I'm sure you rocked it :smile:
  11. Sorry they were rude to you. They only tried to make you sad to make them feel better about themselves.

  12. ITA, just enjoy your beautiful alma
  13. Just brush it off, you have handle yourself well more educated and more respected than those 2 morons:mad:
  14. Wow, that's why I love TPF so much, you guys are great... I feel so much better now and was even doubting about using her again for shopping etc. But I will give her another chance tomorrow:tup:
  15. Don't let it get to you. Not everyone has the same taste. Your bag is gorgeous & as long as you love it, doesn't matter what others say. Wear it proudly :smile: