My Alligator Vuitton arrived today!!!

  1. I just had to have this LVoely Irvine from the autumn 2004-2005 Velours collection. This is my first exotic LV and so far the crown jewel of my modest family. Thanks for checking it out!:yahoo:
  2. WOW.. very pretty! It's so nice to own a piece of LV history that will never be produced again!!
    Enjoy and Congrats!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. WOW!!!! it's absolutely stunning!! do you have any modeling pics? =]
  5. Wow!! :nuts:

    Congrats on your beautiful collection piece. It's gorgeous.

    Any modelling pics?
  6. What a beautiful bag! Do you have a special outfit to wear for its coming out party?
  7. NIIIIIICE... the Velours Irvine is SUCH a sexy, yet classy bag! Congrats on the great purchase!
  8. Stunning !!! I just love it, Congrats !
  9. Beautiful I always called this one the peacock bag b/c it has those lovely shapes at the lock!

    I'd love to see what outfits you wear her with.
    Simply stunning!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Wow, it certainly is beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. i am jealous. congrats. the irvine is my ultimate drool bag.
  13. It's gorgeous! Congratulations!! :woohoo:
  14. OMG.. stunning
    looks so soft, i just want to touch
  15. Wow. Congrats!!!