My All-Weather LV bag is here!!

  1. :yahoo: YAY!! after waiting and waiting..I finally have her! Black Epi Soufflot!!! I can now wear LV through 4 seasons!!!

    *please excuse my outfit. I'm batting a stomach flu so i couldn't care less what I looked like today.
    DSC03732.JPG DSC03733.JPG
  2. and this is what fits inside her, pretty much my daily essentials minus water bottle and my lunch.
    DSC03734.JPG DSC03735.JPG
  3. Congrats, Jill! Soufflot is so cute!:flowers:
  4. Congrats! I like soufflot a lot.
  5. congrats!!! and hope you feel better soon :smile:
  6. thanks! I'm kinda worried that it will get squished when I carry her on my shoulder...but it should be okay!
  7. I have that bag! You've made an EXCELLENT choice! I'm not biased at all, either :p.
  8. Congrats, she's a beauty
  9. Love that bag! Black epi is such a classic.
  10. Very pretty! Love it!
  11. Congrats- she's a beauty!
  12. thanks everyone! at least I won't feel sooo self conscious wearing her at work (I work in a bank) as it doesn't shout LV as much as my mono.

    i looove looove loove it! soo classy looking! and I can wear it to the bar or special occassions, as my other LV bags are very casual!
  13. very nice. congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. love the soufflot! congrats on your new bag and thanks for sharing even when you have the stomach flu.