My ALL black coach collection!

  1. Here is my small, but lovely collection. The two newest pieces are the signature ergo and the Monkey!

    I jetted out of work to get to the Camarillo outlet before all the monkeys were gone. They still had a few left. They also had a lot of the black nylon hamptons bags. All shapes and sizes.

    Anyways, ENJOY!! :yahoo:


  2. oohhh you got the skull fob! Lucky you:yahoo:
    Nice collection!:tup:
  3. Very nice collection!
  4. Great collection. The skull is so cute.
  5. Nice collection! :smile: Love the monkey! I've been hunting for one forever it seems.
  6. Thanks!;)

    I got the skull at PCE in March! Glad I did. I didn't even think it would be so popular, I just liked it.
  7. Nice collection. I love the monkey key fob and have used it daily since I bought it!
  8. I have the skull charm as well! I really love it. Your black collection is great! Everything is lovely!
  9. I really like that black bag on top of the chair-the one hanging-which is that? (They are ALL beautiful bags!)
  10. I :heart: all your black bags!!!

    My first was a black signature... so they have a special place in my heart! :love:
  11. Nice collection! The monkey is so cute, I've got one too! Thanks for sharing with us!
  12. Oh dang! I LOVE your ergo and skull!!! HOT!!!

  13. The black signature was my first too! My BF bought it for me for christmas and it started my love for coach.

  14. Its the Coach Mini signature soho hobo. The # is 2158. There are a few on eBay! I was too lazy to go get my purse so I went on eBay to fine it.

    That's the pic from the drilldown.
  15. I love how ur charms hang off of ur bags, very cute!