My Ali was viciously attached yesterday

  1. lol lol lol I meant "Attacked " ! Ok I am being a little dramatic but I was in the Market Basket and looking at cleaning products when this woman who obviously had enough room but wasn't paying attention bumped into me and Ali and I looked and much to my horror, She was holding a sharp pen upright. I checked my bag and didn't see any damage but WTF ! Also I am not a small girl but I don't take up a whole friggin isle, PLUS while we were checking out, I got bumped into at least 10 other times by people trying to get through our isle to the front of the store like this particular isle was a cut through to the front of the store and some guy knocked the bread off of the top of my cart, kicked it and proceeded to walk without even bothering to pick it up or acknowledge what he had done and I was like "um so I guess I will just go and get it myself"It was knocked under someone elses cart and someone was nice enough to get it for me because I had my two kids with me. I would never just bump people who were in my way, I alway say excuse me and wait for someone to get out of my way instead of trying to physically remove them. People are so rude, I will never take Ali to that grocery store again but I did see a medium black carly and the bleeker signature flap wit the black leather flap that was tdf. My husband said the pen incident made me "turn pale" lol
  2. LOL at what your husband said, not the horrible pen lady or rude bumper cart shoppers. It is very hard for me to take my babies with me into grocery stores. My daughter loves my bags as much as I do (she's 2 1/2 btw :p) so she loves to hold them for me. My two beautiful girls bonding :crybaby:
  3. You are right!! Some people are so rude! It gets me so mad. I was always taught to say "please, thank you, excuse me, etc." Also...if someone is walking towards me and they say "hello" I acknowledge them. Common courtesy is very simple.
  4. Sorry about your experience. I know what you mean about Market Basket, though. There's something about the experience of shopping at that grocery store that's different from other grocery stores. I actually make a point to take my more "ratty" bags when I go there, for this very reason because I know I'll be pushed or squeezed in the narrow aisles or the crazy busy check-out lines.
  5. I wear a Cross body hippie whenever I go shopping to the grocery store.
    I will not let people hit my beloved bags. I have a few inexpensive Target
    bags which I save for these occasions as well.
  6. Yes ! well put ! You must be from around here, I was at the one in Danvers lol ! For those around the world who do not know what the "Market Basket" is, it is like the antithesis of say a "whole foods" market. The food quality is ok but they defininetely cut corners in order to provide pretty good quality products at good prices. The food isn't like old or anything but they use like old mismatched display units and have their own products that are at really low prices and pretty good quality. People flock there in droves at the mere mention of a storm (and or impending football game) but mostly storms or low temps for fear that they need to stock up on everything in case they will be trapped in their houses for months under piles of snow or ice lol and when shopping there, people who work there aren't asking you if you need any assistance to your car lol but they do bag your groceries which is nice !
  7. ^^ Yes, I go to the one in Ashland.
  8. My husband used to shop at that one before we were married and when he lived in Holliston. He said that one is way more chaotic too !
  9. Sorry you had this experience. I know how protective I am of my bags, so I totally understand how you felt. Some people are so oblivious, they don't care who they run over. As to the stocking up before a storm, I often wonder, expecially about the toilet paper thing, what would they have used if it didn't snow??? Do they only worry about having it in case of a storm? I don't think I would want to visit them in the hot weather, God knows, maybe I'd find newspaper in their bathrooms! :shrugs:
  10. Ugh, I know how you feel! My kids and I had to run into Walmart (run - haha thats a funny way to put it - you can never just "run" in and out of that store on a Sunday afternoon). Anyway, after like the 5th person either walked directly in front of me, came to a complete HALT in the middle of the aisle, or smashed directly into my cart, my daughter said to me "wow, we must be invisible today!" Yikes, glad your bag was ok. I had my Hamptons carryall tightly over my shoulder - my bag will not sit in the basket at Walmart unless it's been completely sanitized!!
  11. Oh my gosh I would have been a complete mental case by the time I got out of the store! I am so happy that you did not get any pen on you bag!!!
  12. LOL !
  13. Yes Walmart is another one of those frightening places ! I won't put my bags in that compartment either even if I don't have the kids with me but now I am thinking it is not safe right no my shoulder either !
  14. Thank you ! When I saw the pen sticking out of her hand that is when my husband said I turned "pale" I was thinking it would get stabbed with a hole in the leather and then was happy it wasn't my light blue leather or a khaki sig bag because Ink would have gotten right on it !
  15. With my pen phobia with bags anyways...I would have DIED on the spot. Or riped the woman's face off had she harmed my bag~:rolleyes: I am glad you all came out unscathed~

    Never been to a Market Basket. But will make a mental note...NEVER to go into one!;)