My Alex bag's gold hardware has gone weird

  1. I bought the black leather version of Alex in August and to my dismay, 2 months later the gold hardware had developed a dull, misty appearance. I tried wiping it with a soft dry cloth but it was actually engrained in the metal. Took it back to where I purchased it from and they are sending it to Italy for an investigation. Has anyone else had this occur? The bag is kept in its dust bag in a wardrobe along with others with gold hardware like Chanel, which are ok. This is the first Jimmy Choo that I have bought, the most expensive bag I have ever bought and the only bag I have ever had a problem with.:sad:
  2. OMG - I'd like to know what happened. Do you have any pictures to post? I have several Choos, some older, and have not had any quality issues. Please keep us posted when you find out why the hardware finish became dull.
  3. Photos not possible to take at the moment as the bag has (hopefully) been sent back to the manufacturers via Harvey Nichols, Leeds where I bought it from. Fingers crossed that it will be all nice, new and shiny when it comes back so there won't be much point taking a picture then either as the bag is featured on the website in its full glory. I have to say that I love this bag and it receives lots of compliments and stares when I am out and about. I have seen it in Selfridges, Manchester in the cognac suede colourway and that was gorgeous too. I was tempted to buy that but my partner was with me and said that he thought that I was spending far too much on handbags. The following week (when he was at work) I ended up buying the Mulberry Bayswater in indigo buffalo leather and ginger glove leather and they are currently hidden at the back of the wardrobe, to be brought out sometime in the near future when I can honestly say when asked, that I have had them for ages....:sneaky:
  4. ^^^^:graucho: Sounds familiar...
  5. :pWho would do such a thing? :angel:
  6. Odd thing just happened with my Alex bag. i was on the phone with mum and was absentmindedly playing with one of the spring closing rings when I snapped it open outwards the whole spring popped out. YIKES! Ok, it was a good excuse to get my mums long winded story cut short.
    Basically, the rings can open in and outward (whether they should or not is another question) and the pin that keeps it in place popped out and the spring went flying. I managed to find it before the cat did, but it was very very fiddly to get it put back together.


    so, if you have an a bag with one of these rings to allow for adjustments. Be careful opening them! :s
  7. Oh no! Was it in just certain places or all of the metal? That bag has those metal strips down the sides, right? It is a fairly new design so I wonder if they are using a different type of finish. I have a couple of older Choo bags and have not had that problem.
  8. The problem started in a few places but gradually spread so that most of the hardware is now covered in this dull misty kind of coating. A general metal/brass type of cleaning solution may have solved the problem but I daren't try it as it may not have worked and could have damaged the surrounding leather. Wouldn't have fancied taking it back to the shop in that kind of state....:shrugs: