My *ahem* interesting trip to the outlet today!

  1. I went to the outlet today because I had a merchandise credit burning a hole in my pocket :sweatdrop: and I thought that maybe the 4th of July sale was on. Well, at least at my outlet, the sale is next weekend, but there were still a ton of great bags there and GOOD discounts. I'm on a bag ban, I know, but I managed to find my absolute HG bag at the outlet today, the one Coach bag I always wanted but never could afford, and snapped it up with the credit (and a lil bit of cash). I intended to buy a black bag for fall anyway, so it just arrived a wee bit early. It's the Hamptons Vintage Carryall in Black, maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but simply the prettiest Coach bag I've ever seen!

    Anyway, back to the topic! The outlet was busy today and everyone was bustling about, and in the middle of my browsing one of the managers comes up to me with a sort of green look on his face :throwup: It turns out that someone's little boy had PEED on one of the Coach displays!! He wasn't tall enough to hit any of the bags (heehee), but he'd peed on a table leg and floor. His parents were just letting him run around the store, wet pants and all, not paying attention! He was young, maybe 2 or 3, so it wasn't malicious or anything. But I couldn't believe that even after his parents found out they just let him wander around the store while they continued to shop for Coach.:rolleyes:
  2. *slap* to the parents. Totally disgusting and what a lack of respect for the other people there, not to mention the store! Yikes!
    Congrats to you tho' on your buy!
  3. Modeling pics?:graucho: Congrats on the purchase.

    Totally disgusting PARENTS. I don't understand why some people have children.
  4. Congrats on the find!!

    That's gross. I know accidents happen, but I always carry a change of clothes for my son, not to mention, asking him every 10 min. if he has to pee! And to expect someone else to clean it up? Yeah, it's embarrassing, but get over it and fix the problem! Ugh, some parents......
  5. Yes, Congrats on finding your Holy Grail bag!!!! :smile:

    That is the sickest thing ever about people letting their kid just pee on displays is a luxury store. They should have been forced to clean it up and leave. Im sorry but when I have kids no bad how they want to walk around. They are staying in a stroller till they are too big to fit in it. People I guess don't think their kid could be the next one on the milk carton. How sad.
  6. I'll be back with pics this evening! Thanks for the congrats, ladies!

    The managers were very graceful about the situation, not mean or huffy at all, but yeah, it was gross. Like I said, I wouldn't have thought twice if one of the parents had taken him out of the store to clean him up as soon as it happened, poor little guy.
  7. Congrats on finding your HG bag!! Can't wait to see pics :heart:

    And yikes. I'm surprised they weren't asked to leave after the little boy peed all over the place.
  8. Congrats on the find!

    It'd be hard not to beat the parents!
  9. Congrats, take a pic of your bag!

    The pee story has me cracking up, especially the parents not letting it stop their shopping.
  10. Yikes.

    Can't blame the kid, but they should've politely asked the parents to take care of their child.
  11. Ugh, it's gross that parents don't even have the courtesy to clean up after their children and apologize after such an incident.

    Looking forward to seeing your new bag, though! :graucho:
  12. I can't take a good modeling pic at the moment because the bf is out of town this weekend, but here's my new baby! I was pretty shocked to find it. The thing I really like about it is that I know it's a bag I'll use for years. It looks a little deflated because it's empty, but check out the leather :graucho: it's so hot!

    I saw this bag on a woman when it first came out (I saw the brown version) and just fell in love with it. It is a great combo of all the things Coach does well I think. I have been searching for one on eBay ever since then but never found one as cheap as the one I got at the outlet today.
  13. Congrats on the HG find!

    I can't believe some parents! As a parent myself, I find it embarrasing that some people allow their kids to behave the way they do! Yes, the kid is young, but once something like that happens, you leave (after apologizing profusely, of course)!
  14. Great bag! I love the details on it.
  15. The vintage carryall is one of the most gorgeous bags Coach has ever made! Congrats on your wonderful find. :nuts: And as for the "other" more liquid find, well, that's just disgusting! At least he didn't hit the bags! Can you imagine? I have to show this thread to my friend who is visiting her first outlet on a trip this summer!