My agenda just broke! What do I do??

  1. Ah please help! I'm new to LV so I don't know all of the protocol but I got the pomme small agenda at the end of January. I just picked it up and then entire spine with the rings just fell out!

    What should I do? Will LV replace/refund this?
  2. I would take it to the LV store and see if they can repair/replace it.
  3. Wasn't there someone else with the same problem?
  4. yeah, go to the boutique. good luck! :biggrin:
  5. Me!!! I was using the filofax plastic pockets and maybe I had too much change in it, but I dropped my brand new (in December) perle agenda and the spine popped out. I sent it back to LV Las Vegas with the receipt and they promptly sent a brand new one, cause they could tell it had barely been used. Send it back or the repair process could take a long time. LV is pretty good about it all... I was totally bummed, but it turned out okay, i don't use the filofax plastic holders anymore though. I only use it as an agenda, I'm not using my agendas as wallets after that...:push:
  6. take it back to the store for repair or replacement,.
  7. Mine came that way i was so upset! I sent it back and got a new one.
  8. Like others have said, take it back to LV and explain what happened. I recommend showing up in person, rather than calling. Hopefully they will give you a brand new one!
  9. Mine fell out a few days after I bought it. I dropped it on the floor and the spine popped out. I fixed it myself by pushing the metal tab down on the one side that was loose. It hasn't happened since.:sweatdrop: I didn't take it back because I didn't have time to go back to the boutique. Take it back if you have the time and exchange it for a new one! You pay alot for the agenda so you should be happy with it.
  10. Take It To Lv Right Away! And Ask Them To Fix It!!
  11. They should replace it immediately. Just go back to the boutique.