My agenda BROKE ahhhhh!

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  1. So I am in the process of moving and my boyfriend and I were at Lowes today looking at paint....i found some colors i really liked so I pulled out my agenda to write down the paint colors we liked. I put my agenda back in my purse and walk to the car. We get into the car and I pull my agenda back out to get out a piece of paper and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the part with the rings that holds all the paper FALLLLLLS OUT :cursing:????????? It litterally just fell out of the agenda????????????

    So I called LV in king of prussia to kinda find out what im supposed to do and she was really nice and said to come in and they will look at it......has this happened to anyone????? Will I have to pay for it to be fixed or do they fix it since it broke?!!

    Sorrrry for the long Post!
  2. Oh i am so sorry this happened.
  3. When did you buy it? Mine came that way, I bought from elux and when I opened the box it fell out!! I cried because they were out of stock! Well I got another one and it's perfect, but from what I understand it does happen from time to time. I am sure they can fix it!
  4. I got it for i havnt had it that long :sad:
  5. I think this has happened to a few people on here (veronika?) if you take it in, they will either fix it/replace it.
  6. Oh no, I am about to order an adenda. ARe they not made that well that they would just fall apart I want the vernis agenda. It's good to know that LV will fix and or replace the product makes me feel better spending all I have been with the company.
  7. You should definatly get the agenda...I LVOE mine so sure there will be no problems fixing or replacing dont let it stop you from getting one!!!!
  8. ^^ its within the yr, so they should fix it for you free, but it will have to be sent away.
  9. how long do you think it will take for them to fix it???
  10. no idea, when i brought mine in they told me 6-8 weeks. I said forget it, i still have mine and use it. it wasnt a big deal and frankly the issue doesnt bother me so i fine with the way it is.
  11. wow 6 to 8 weeks is ALOT!!! but it will definatly drive my crazy if i dont get it fixed!
  12. Is that only an issue with the vernis or are others doing it too? I've had my mono for ages and never had trouble.
  13. i have the damier..
  14. Ahh. Not good. I have rarely carried mine in the last year or so. Hope that doesnt happen later. :sad:

    Good luck getting it fixed quickly!
  15. Thanks!!! Im gonna take it to LV this week sometime!
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