My Agenda arrived home with it's new hot stamp!

  1. I sent my LV Agenda in last week to the Chicago LV to get a hot stamp and it came back today! It even came back in a new LV box and tissue. :smile: Oh, and if someone wants to mail theirs in, the stamping is free -- but the return trip home is $10.

    Here it is! Came out exactly as I pictured:


  2. That looks great! I might have mine done now.
  3. That looks really sharp!
  4. looks great! and thanks for the tip.
  5. Wow! It looks great!! Makes me want to have something heat stamped now!!
  6. Really cool..
    by the way what kind of pen do you have there?? I have the problem to find a pen that fit the holder.
  7. It's from -- think it was only about $7 total with shipping -- if you search for pen and agenda in the LV subforum, a few threads will pop up with some really nice links for pens that will fit! This one is OK, but I want a gold one now, so will probably replace it.
  8. Soo pretty. I want to get my mandarin agenda hot stamped.
  9. hey twoharleygal - 000o it looks GREAT!!! with the agenda talk i might stick one of my want list!!!
  10. Wow! It looks great! If you recall, I was the one who initially posted the thread about shipping items for heatstamping. Well, after going through all the trouble to find out if such a thing was possible, I chickened out. I was too afraid to ship the wallet, because it has a lot of sentimental value to me. However, seeing your agenda come back safe and sound makes me feel better about the idea.


  11. Very nice !
  12. REAAALLY Nice..I love the Gold against the Crossgrain...CONGRATS!
  13. Very cute! I'm getting mine heatstamped as well.
  14. Thank you :biggrin: one will be stunning !!!
  15. Very nice!