My AG Coin Purse arrived!!It' soo cute!! **Pics!!**

  1. I absolutely love this little AG cutie!:tender: It holds so much more than I anticipated! It's absolutely gorgeous!!:yahoo: I was only able to find this gorgeous AG Coin Purse in such amazing condition thanks to sweet Firstclass!:queen::heart:

    Here are some pics:yes:
  2. love the color. congrats!!!
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!!! I want a coin purse too....
  4. you're on a roll girl! first the ultra rare turq work now this AG! congrats!
  5. OMG i love that little thing.:nuts: It looks so happy, bright, and smiley like you.:p Congrats on such a rare find. :yahoo::heart:
  6. Yummy color!!! Congrats!!
  7. Love it!!
  8. congratulations, so lovely! you know, that's what i love about bbags, they always hold more than expected, the first holds so much more than expected!
  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Blu_77,DollyGirl, Addicted Ali, Nanaz, Spylove22, Bern and Pluiee! :tender::heart:
  10. That is the cutest little coin purse I have seen LOVE.IT!!!! I want one too! :smile:)
  11. Oh my God! I am in total complete deep smit with it. Each coin purse I see, I fall more in love with the style.

    I wanna get a bunch of pretty bright coin purses like yours!!!
  12. Breathtaking!! :drool: Keep that thing away from me as I'm bound to try to take a bite out of it. :shocked:
  13. gorgeous color. congrats.
  14. ohmmmyyy! This is probably the best coin purse i've ever seen, it's perfect! :yes:
  15. Love that apple green! So cute in th coin purse.