My afternoon delight! reveal!

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  1. So yes..I'm am like all the others on here that are "banned" but this beauty was on my wishlist and DH couldn't tell me NO! so who wants to see the pre-loved beauty that I got in the mail today?[​IMG]
  2. i'm here!
  3. No need to wait for a big audience..I absolutely love this bag!

  4. here here here..... can't wait to see...
  5. [​IMG]
  6. can't wait to see it!
  7. Take it off!!! Take it off!!!
  8. She's been around for a while but you can guess if you want to!

  9. OOOOOO PRETTY.... Amethyst Legacy ????
  10. Sorry she came out backwards! LOL
  11. berry sabrina?
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Julianne?
  14. Ohhhh.legacy! Gorgeous!
  15. Wooo Hooo.. I was right.... SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!