My AE Sale Botkier Cairo Hobo came...

  1. OMG I Loooooove this bag!!:yahoo:
    I sold my black Sasha a few days ago because I found it too fiddley, and after the recent drama I had with the Snakeskin Sasha, I wasnt looking forward to receiving this one as much as I was when I first placed the order. But when I pulled it out of the box all was forgiven.
    This bag looks great IRL. I was worried about the pony hair on it, because in the Active Endeavor pics the hair looked very black and quite contrasting against the the blue leather. But the hair is actually more of a steel grey shade which compliments the smokey blue leather nicely. It looked great against my jeans.
    I feel I got a real bargain with this bag, as the price tag was $795 but I paid $298, with a shipping cost of $40.
    I took the pics of the bag sitting in my front window so the light shows the bag in its true shade.


  2. How pretty, glad you finally have a good experience buying a Botkier!
  3. Congrats on finding the Botkier that was meant for you, and on the great bargain! Love the color! It's stunning!
  4. What a beautiful bag! Congratulations on such a great bargain. I love this bag.:tup:
  5. that is a fantastic bag and a fantastic deal! I'm sad I missed out on all the good after holiday sale merchandise at AE! Aw well, there is always next year I suppose!
  6. Beautiful Hali!
    I always fancied getting myself a plain leather variety of this bag but couldn't find the price I wanted. I'd be very interested to know how the calf hair fares in the rain.
    I bought more Botkiers than anything else this year. Love these bags!
  7. Wow, I really love the design of that bag.
  8. LOL...Im hoping it wont have to 'fare' at all. I dont want to risk it. My own hair has a tendancy to go frizzy in the rain, so I dont want to chance it with the hair on my bag! Hahaha.
    Mind you, its pony hair, and I dont see many frizzy ponies. I guess it keeps them dry in the rain so my bag should be ok if it gets caught in a theory anyway.:roflmfao:
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, Halzer! I have the medium Cairo in bronze and I love it! I always feel chic wearing it!
  10. This is really pretty! As a general rule, I don't buy ponyhair stuff...because it usually creeps me out, but it looks really nice on this bag!
  11. I've seen actual 'calves' in the rain, I wouldn't worry a bit about it. LOL:p
  12. Beautiful bag AND color!
  13. What a great deal! Congrats!
  14. What a gorgeous color! Congrats!
  15. OOOOooohhhh lovely!