My adventures in fostering

  1. i should be getting them tomorrow!!!!!
    just 2 of them this time. i was kinda bummed that there wasn't more but then i realized that maybe it won't be so exhausting with 2 of them :smile:

    they also had a mama with 5 kittens available but said that would be a 9-11 week commitment and i can't really do that right now because i'll be gone a lot in august so having the two kittens for a month will be perfect.
  2. Saw your updated photo on FB. Can't wait to see closeups!
  3. so little change of plans... i went in planning to bring home two kittens and ended up with a mama and 5 kittens!

    the mama is soooooo loving and sweet. the kittens are scared of nearly everything. they finally warmed up to me tonight, for the most part.

    only night one though and i'm already feeling bad for the mama because she wants out of the room REAL bad but i can't let her.

    hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some pictures of the kittens!
  4. Aw - the Mama looks so sweet! Saw her on your FB page.
  5. Oh my, you have your hands full. How much fun your house must be!! Are they moving the 6 to another foster home for August?
  6. hopefully they will all be adopted out by then! they should be big enough by mid-july to have their surgeries and then they'll stay at the shelter or another shelter location until they get adopted.

    i had the door open with the gate up for awhile today. mama kitty (now named Lola) just hung out by the gate for awhile and then made her escape. she roamed around the house for awhile, all my other cats were napping, but the moment one of mine came out it got a little tense so i put her back in.

    i've never introduced adult cats so that makes me very nervous!
  7. picture time! I have not named the kittens yet, name suggestions welcome :biggrin:

    This is Mama. I have named her Lola. She's the sweetest thing ever.

    This one is a male. He is the only one with a black and pink nose.

    This is another male. The only ginger!

    This is a female. i love her! she was the only one at first that was not scared of me. She has an all black nose with white face. She has a brother that has an all black nose with a darker face

    The other female. She's becoming my little cuddle bug. The only one (besides the ginger) that has a pink nose.

    The last male. This one is still warming up to me. He was super skittish the first day and yesterday. The first day i managed to pick him up he hissed at me but nothing came out lol. He's very unsure of me, but as of last night he would at least sit by me and not freak out when i touched him.

    Now this is what i would call a group of kittens that need to be socialized. they are nothing like my last group that i was told needed to be socialized. They started outing being scared of toys...any noise... anytime i enter the room they all run under the couch. then a few of them at least come out right away. I kinda worry they'll get used to me but then be scared of other people.
  8. Oh! Teh cuteness!!!! :loveeyes:

    Hopefully they will take their cues from momma
  9. Little ginger boy is sooooo serious!
  10. the one with the part black and part pink nose just took a nap with me :hbeat:

    i'm letting the mama go in and out of the room as she pleases today.. and so far so good but my cats have been sleeping a lot. there have been some tense moments when i'm not real sure what she's going to do. i think i will keep her in the kitten room when i'm gone at work and then let her out when i get home. and then over night she'll be put back into the room because she follows me EVERYWHERE and i know she'll follow me to bed and my other cats sleep with me. so i'd like them to have at least one spot in the house that is all theirs with me.
  11. Do you have other people you can invite over to play with them? It might help socialize them a bit to have people come over and peek in at them or hang out with them.
  12. ohsocute! And Mama Cat is one very beautiful girl....
  13. i do.... but they all have husbands who are very very allergic to cats so it's sort of a pain for them.

    i am now convinced that mama will be kept in the room tomorrow while i'm gone. she was in the room and the kittens were feeding and one of my cats just walked near the gate and she charged the gate.
  14. :love: What adorable kittens. I don't know if I could foster. I would have a hard time giving them up.
  15. oh my god i want them all! they are so cute!!!! how old are they? seriously i don't know how you don't end up adopting at least one. i wouldn't be able to resist.