My adventures in fostering

  1. the two twins starla and stella

    i also uploaded a bunch of photos to the facebook page.

    and dexter got stuck in the couch last night... that made for a good freak out....

    and the kittens will be getting their little claws clipped tonight! those suckers are getting sharp. wish me luck!
  2. oh and i think i'm going to let them wander the house this weekend... and see how that goes...... i'm a little worried for my furniture =/
  3. I casually mentioned to DH that we should foster kittens (gotta start him small and then work up to dogs) and he thinks I would not want to give them back. I then proceeded to show him the pics of your kitten pile and said "But look at this piiiiiiiicturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!!" Didn't work but I will keep subtly working on him. I keep meaning to get down to the City Shelter to volunteer but my weekends have been busy. Kitten season will be over shortly and I won't get to play with any babies anywhere!
  4. haha, the lady that did my home visit said the same thing. she was trying to work on her husband to foster kittens but they just had dogs. i told her "just bring them home, he'll be ok after the shock wears off" lol

    that's what we did to my dad growing up anyways, and it worked! ;)

    when i took them to get their check up i was kinda sad.. thinking of how that will be when i have to take them back.... ugh... but i'm kinda hopeful that i'll get to keep them until someone actually adopts them. the shelter is SO full right now. they have over 900 animals with about 120 in foster. their normal capacity is 700 so they're pretty desperate for fosters or people to adopt so i'm thinking they won't have room for my kitties :biggrin:
    also considering asking them if they need me to take in more kittens. the more the better, right!?!? ;)
  5. Holy crap that is a lot of animals!!! I live in a small town and I think there are only eight cages that could probably fit four adult cats each if they really had to. Eventually I want to get into fostering special needs dogs (seniors, dogs that have been abused, etc.) but I figure I need to start small with the kitties and then I can talk my husband into dogs. :biggrin:
  6. OP what you are doing is AMAZING! Love your Facebook page and the pics of the cutest kitties ever....!!
  7. yea their shelter is pretty massive and it's super nice. they just built a brand new facility not too many years ago. and they house animals all over the city in different stores like petsmart or local pet stores. they also do farm horses and pigs. basically any animal, they will take it! except stuff like snakes and reptiles..not sure i've ever seen them have those.

    thanks! it really does feel good. i hope it feels as good if i ever get a big kitty to foster lol
  8. i let the kittens out and now they no longer care about me lol
  9. They're adorable!
  10. if anyone from here joins the FB foster page, don't mind the comments from my dad lol
    he thinks he needs to comment on everything.

    last night i had the kittens out all night long and it was pretty successful! they kept to themselves. i was worried they would find me during the night and i'd have hissing and growling cat fights in the middle of the night.

    the last couple of days i had a outdoor chair bag/cover laying on the floor and the kittens were playing with it. last night i discovered they had decided to use it as their litter box. so that was not awesome. but i haven't noticed any other spots.

    but so far so good with letting them roam the house! they're scared of the basement so that's good lol

  11. I saw his comments on the chair and I had a little laugh. Parents always have advice and know best no matter how old we are. :biggrin:
  12. i'm sad.... and i knew this would happen! just didn't think it would happen this fast.
    they are scheduled for their spay and neuter surgeries on thursday. so they told me to drop them off wednesday night. i asked when i would pick them up. they told me they go up for adoption after their surgeries so i guess that means i don't get to bring them home
  13. aw they're so cute! miss having a kitten- or a cat for that matter. they're such little squeezies! given how many animals they have in the shelter i'm sure you'll be up to your eyeballs in more kittens shortly! lol.
  14. yea everyone keeps asking me "so do you get more!?!?!" which i'm sure i could, but i'll probably have to ask for what's available when i'm ready again. i think my might give myself and my cats a little break until the next batch lol

    cute little boogers but they definitely add a bit of crazy to your life! now i have to go home and take a million more pictures so they have the perfect picture when they're up on the adoption page lol
  15. and he's generally just giving me crap or joking around but i know his postings don't come off that way lol