My adventures in fostering

  1. Even though we already have a fostering thread I thought I would make my own since I plan on posting LOTS of pictures and videos :biggrin:

    On Saturday I started fostering for the very first time and my first foster is a group of 4 kittens. It is the best thing ever!!!

    Only after having them for a few days I already have about 300 photos on my camera lol

    I could potentially have this group until June 20th. They go in on the 6th for a 2 week check-up/vaccinations.

    This was suppose to be a group of kittens that needed socialization but I'm not really sure why. They are glued to me whenever I'm in the room. Over the weekend I would spend a few hours at a time hanging out with them (I have them contained to my extra bedroom right now). They are so lovey and sweet. The only thing is that I can tell they're still weening. They try to nurse off my nose, chin, ears and fingers lol but otherwise they don't have any issues with people..they don't mind being held... I just cuddle them in one hand and they love it.

    I posted their pictures on facebook so people could help me name them, and as of this morning I am officially naming them :smile:

    This is Stella. She was my cuddle bug right out of the gate. She has an identical sister and it took me awhile to finally tell them apart and I realized yesterday that she has a very tiny dark spot on the bottom of her nose. She also has a bump at the end of her tail so that was the other way I was telling them apart lol. Her name was almost Gizmo due to her big furry ears and squished face!

    This is Rodney. At first he was the most energetic of the bunch. Always wanting to play with his brother and sisters. So my friend thought his name needed to be Rowdy Rodney :smile:

    This is Starla (twin to Stella). She tends to like to hang out by herself but is becoming more cuddly.

    This is Dexter. I think he'll be a handful to whomever becomes his forever home ;)

    This is their first official group shot - which was kinda hard to get. they just don't sit still! the moment I bring out my camera or phone they are instantly trying to check it out
  2. Squeeeeee! So adorable. Gosh I love kittens! Bless you for fostering them - and putting them on the right path to their perfect Forever Homes. They are truly beautiful.
  3. kittens!!!!!!!!

    OMG they are just the most precious little babies
  4. kittens are the best thing in the world. i think everyone needs to adopt them. they just make you smile. i woke up at 6 am this morning and heard them playing (they have balls with bells in there with them) and i still had an hour left to sleep and normally i'd be irritated that i woke up so early but it just made me happy to hear them!

    i seriously could have sat around ALL DAY every day this weekend in that room with them. whether they would be sleeping or playing i would be so happy. i however felt bad for neglecting my own cats so i didn't lol

    it's funny because the first day i had them, i was in the room for awhile, then went out and saw my cats and omg they were HUGE!!!! my cats never looked so big and felt so heavy in their lives lol

    I have a ton of videos on my phone and lots of photos at home. so i'll be posting lots :smile:
    i've even thought about making a facebook fan page so the people on my own facebook don't get sick of me posting cat pictures all the time lol
  5. i'm hoping to introduce them to my own cats within a couple days but i need help on trying to get my setup together.

    I bought a baby gate and plan to use that so they can't roam around the house (they're so tiny and i don't want them getting into anything they shouldn't) but i'd like to allow them a bigger view of the world... and if my cats would like to meet them. they're already trying to escape the room and it's only been 3 days lol

    so i have this baby gate but they can easily climb up it. so what i want to do is get a piece of metal, plexiglass, something smooth that their little claws can't attach to, and attach it to the upper part of the baby gate. so they can see through the lower half. i just need something that i can easily cut myself and put holes into so i can attach it to the baby gate.

    any suggestions??
  6. OMG they are so CUTE!!!!!! Can't wait to hear where your new path takes you!
  7. They are adorable!! I love fostering kittens. There is nothing better after a crappy day than a litter of kittens playing, nothing. Great pics!!
  8. and i can't wait to get home to them! lol

    about another 1.5 hours till i'm home. TORTURREEEEEEEE

    i downloaded a webcam app so i can watch them from work. was going to set it up today but i forgot. maybe tomorrow.
  9. OMG

    KITTENCAM! Can we watch too? :woot:
  10. maybe!! :smile: I need to make sure it's safe and that no one can hack into my computer or anything from it lol
  11. You're right..........better safe than sorry! :yes:
  12. oh D they are SO sweet!! i'm uber envious :smile:
  13. They are super CUTE! I love kittens.
  14. I agree! They sure are hard to give back though!
  15. kittens are sooo adorable...:smile: