my adventure in NM...san francisco!

  1. just wanted to share...twice in a row i didn't walk into LV!

    i was in balenciaga in NM. I was ready to get the Vert D'eau (sp?) First and it was scratched and the last one in California!!!! i also looked at the ivoire and the rouge...the ivoire had smooth leather..but not the rouge...i figured i'd be bored of the rouge in a week's time.

    Then i looked at the city - was hooked on the Plomb color (it's a dark gray) and after trying it on for just about the longest time still looks too dark!

    i really want something in blue...and im stuck right now! which blue do i want? where can i find them? must i go through eBay? omg!!

    got caught on a Jaune step for about 10 minutes...the color's so vibrant but my arms are too big for it to fit comfortably over the shoulder. i nearly got it but i held back because i really want a First.

    what a good girl i was!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. are good! I go to NM a lot just so I can see the colors and styles IRL! Be patient and the perfect bag for you will come!
  3. Have you considered a Marine? Its a very dark blue.. I have one in the City style.. Let me dig a pic for you..

    And of course there is Ocean as well...
  4. joyc: are they still in stock?