my advanced birthday pressie!

  1. i recently received a small parcel from a fellow tPFer from Canada containing this:


    i love it so much, its definitely something i'd pick for myself. it goes with with pretty much everything i have and i like the subtle mini LV on the corner:


    i also like the little stars she made as fillers. i'll tresure them all :yes:

    its the sweetest gesture..... thank you very much Cécilia! i can't wait to get you something nice for your bday too :graucho:

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Great Tie!

    I recently purchased the new LV Cup one and LOVE IT !!
  3. my dad's also got the LV Cup tie to match his Artimon messenger :yes:
  4. Too bad I haven't quite mastered tying the darn thing. LOL
    My SA sent me the little Louis Tie Pamphlet but it doesn't help!
  5. just keep at it, it'll be second nature to you soon enough ;)
  6. WOW! That is a great gift! The stars are so cute, too. Happy birthday! : )
  7. Wow, that was really thoughtful of her! I love that tie. And happy early B-day!:yahoo:
  8. that's a beautiful tie! happy early bday :smile:
  9. Aww, happy early birthday, D :smile:
    Nice surprise there!
  10. Very nice- love the fleurs/gingham combo!
  11. Cute gift!

    Happy Birthday :flowers:
  12. Lovely gift... happy B'day!
  13. sweet:love:!!! Happy early Bday!! D!!!!!
  14. SWEEET!! Happy Birthday!!!!
  15. Lovely tie DD, what a thoughtful pressie from a PF-er!
    Happy early B'day :balloon: