My adorable *purple* find - pics!

  1. Hi! :smile: So I went down to Woodbury last week, thinking there would be absolutely nothing in the Chanel boutique (which, generally speaking, is always the case haha)... and it was looking pretty grim, until I glimpsed a bit of purple out of the corner of my eye... isn't she so cute?! :heart: Technically, it's a purple caviar leather cigarette holder (I don't smoke, but this works really well as my new digital camera or cell phone holder), plus, it's purple caviar leather, need I say more?! :biggrin: The box says 01A/Trousse & Diver/ Violet Fonce. I paid a little over $200, and the original price is $375, so not too shabby! If I can't have a purple caviar bag, at least I can have a little something in purple hehe... enjoy my crappy pics! :p

    She's playing peekaboo...

    Isn't she so pretty?! :love:

    Up close and personal with a purple hottie!

    -Last pic best represents the true color. :smile:
  2. The colour is so yummy! What a great find.
  3. nice caviar too..
  4. congrats!
  5. great find. congrats! i love purple!
  6. Gorgeous Minal! Glad to hear you're using it as a cell phone holder! :p
  7. Thanks sugarbean, dleesy, angelhq, and nat_attak (me too)! Thanks Jenn... haha, might as well carry my cell in Chanel purple style (no cigarettes for me, yuck)! :p
  8. Minal - what a rich, luscious color :drool: Congratulations on a fantastic find!! :yes:
  9. what an adorable find! i've only been to woodbury twice and i NEVER find anything remotely cute in it.
  10. omgggg how this would match with my purple jumbo flap...did they have more? ahhhhhhh I wish I lived near the outlet, I would be stalking it 24/7!
  11. Excellent find :smile:
  12. a beauty!! and its functional too..
  13. i want one!!!!!!!!!!haha
    im looking for chanel camera/ cell case for years!!!lol..
    ok that's exagerated..but for long:sad:

  14. Oh it's cute!
  15. Beautiful! And I love your picture narrations! lol