My Adorable Itty Bitty New Addition

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  1. Thanks shop! What a fabulous price for such a cute wristlet!
  2. thanks joke, ghost, sarah! :heart:

    sarah - i can't believe this is my first one! although, it's a nice versatile/basic one, so it'll get tons of use.

    bom - yeah, i totally get suckered in for the smaller items because the prices are more in my league, but i gotta be good now. hehehe...

    you girls are the best! :wlae:
  3. Very cute and practical to boot! Congrats!
  4. Oh, how cute! I love that structured looking leather - looks so soft!

    Congrats to that handy new addition. :tup:
  5. thanks lc and fett!

    fett - yeah, the leather is sooo soft - i won't be able to stop petting my wristlet when i use it!