My Adorable Itty Bitty New Addition

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  1. That is just about the cutest little wristlet I've seen! And it fits quite a bit!

    Lovely purchase, Congrats!
  2. sooooooooo cute shop!! congrats! it's awesome!
  3. thanks pm, izz, & bl!
  4. How cuuuuuuute! It's like a baby Hillier! :heart: Where did you find it??
  5. ^ Thanks for the info! If you don't mind me asking, how much was it? :flowers:
  6. how adorable!
  7. it was $168 before tax! it did not break my puny piggy bank!

    thanks june!:heart:
  8. love the reveal pics! :heart:
  9. thanks dawn!

    i can't wait to use her! maybe when this snow stops!:yes:
  10. Congrats shop! It's really an adorable addition.. Love it!
  11. thanks indi! :smile:
  12. cute!!!
  13. Very the itty bittys...Congrats girl!
  14. so cute shop! I looooove wristlets