My adorable cute lovely big huge bag!!!! Pic!!

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  1. Last month I went bag hunting for my laptop. Of course, my first choice was Chanel.:tup:
    I entered the Chanel boutique and my lovely SA was there. While I was saying Hi and bla bla blaing with my lovely SA my eyes fell on this bag.. and I think I started drooling:drool:. Ok.
    I called my dad who was having good time with his friends at Starbucks, to come and pay for it, because I, as usual, forgot my wallet at home. I don't know when I will stop forgetting my wallet when switching bags!!:confused1:
    So, I got it!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    I really love it more than any of my other Chanel bags. It even fits my little brother!!:graucho: How cool is that:roflmfao:


    I'll post some modeling pics later!
  2. Very nice!:tup:
  3. very cute! brooklyn e/w bag!
  4. Very cute, congratulations!
  5. Gorgeous! Looks like you can fit your laptop and then some..
  6. ^^ I'll have to remember that trick!

    That's the perfect bag for a laptop! I love it!! :heart:
  7. wonderful for you! congrats!
  8. Love that bag!!! congrats
  9. I love it! Many Congrats! What a lovely dad you have, mine would keel over paying $3000 for a bag hehe.
  10. that is sooo pretty! i love it! u're such a lucky daughter, my dad would freak out if i asked him to pay for that bag LOL

    i hope it'll be a great laptop bag although i kinda think the handle will hurt :p
    but well, who cares? another reason to hunt another laptop bag LOL
  11.'s so pretty! lucky girl!
  12. Congrats!I love that bag !Can't wait for mod pics!:yes:
  13. Oh I love it ... absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Congrats and cant wait to see the modelling pictures
  15. Congrats! Do post modeling pics if you can!