My addiction report...

  1. Just when I thought the PDV would be my last purchase this year, SA showed me the Rubis Neo Bucket. OMG it's adorable! I just loooove it :smile:

    I saw the Suhali lockits in gold and silver too and luckily I wasn't in love with them.

    It'll probably be another week before I can bring the Rubis home so no pics yet. the store here hasn't released it for sale.
  2. You have such great taste!! Can't wait to see your pics. More eye candy for us! :smile:
  3. Thanks Antonia! I can't wait either LOL
  4. I can't wait to see pictures either! I am really like the rubis line!
  5. It's soooo pretty. I can't wait to see your modeling pictures.
  6. Ooo.. the things you do for love ! :graucho:
  7. I was sold when I tried on this Neo Bucket! At first I was concerned the the drop length might be too long for my liking, but it turned out to be the perfect length! What's better about it over the regular mono is also it's tapered shape, which gives it a nice width :smile:

    I think why I didn't like the gold/silver suhali (though I loooove the miroir) could be because the suhali leather didn't have any embossing/pattern on it to break up the colour (if I'm making any sense, hehe). I felt like I was carrying a gold/silver bar, lol!
  8. Great choice, the Rubis is a beautiful bag!
  9. congrats! can't wait for pix!
  10. yay, can't wait to see pics!
  11. You definitely have exceptional taste... I wasn't really feeling the Rubis, but after seeing a PF'er with it, I was in love!
  12. YAY!! Congrats!
  13. Oh another divine choice, well done! I cannot wait to see pics! I totally agree about the Suhali Lockits, too much of one color very monochromatic.
  14. HA!! I understand! Cant wait for the Rubies to hit SIngapore.
  15. Thanks for the support folks! :flowers:
    Feeds my addiction, hehe :smile: