My addiction!!! My Love!!! My loubies!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!!

    I have a new love!! Or should I say addiction!! They give me such a high n make me sooo happy just looking at them:smile: I know I only have 2 feet but I just can't help getting more!!! Every time I try them on they magically transform you into another world!! Where your legs seems longer, your walk becomes sexy! And best of all they make you feel like a million bucks!

    What am I talking about??? Loubie shoes!!!
    I love them!!!! I really do!!!! Here are some of them ....... N will post a family shot once I get them together:smile:
  2. I'm eagerly waiting for these to arrive next thurs!!! Hubby bought them for me in HK:biggrin: he's such a gem:smile:
    image-2012318070.jpg image-2270344087.jpg
  3. And these!
    image-2290804183.jpg image-1485978583.jpg image-1370660187.jpg
  4. Let's just say he's a keeper! Does he have a brother? Hahahaha. I love my studded lady peeps. Congrats!
  5. Yes it becomes an addiction.... Love it but my bank does not ha ha :0)
    Just sold a pair yesterday (wedge) and now I'm going for a pair of Decollete and maybe Pigalle. I have 2 Very privé - 1 Declic - 1 Catwoman - 1 gold flat.. So far :0)
  6. What a diverse collection! Any mod pics? Would love to see how the scuba ones look on
  7. I was always a handbag woman. Now I'm addicted to shoes. I can't even tell you how many pairs I have. It's almost embarrassing! Thanks a lot Msr Louboutin! Decollete and Pigalle are both great classics!
  8. Omg these ate Gorgy! I esp like the red ones!!
  9. Sadly I'm addicted to both shoes AND bags ;0) Have my collection of Mulberry bags... Gotta have one for every occation ;0) Decollete and Pigalle are must have classics!!! BUT the wallet have to follow so had to sell a little first ;0) i would love a lover Decollete but dont know if it comes in 85 mm?!

  10. :biggrin: sigh he's only got a sister so blah!
    But I'm loving all my lady peeps:smile:
  11. Tell me about it!!! A very crazy addiction!! But one can't deny that Mr Louboutin makes one hell of a sexy shoe!!
    Ohhhh!!! A pigalle?? Love those too!! Have a black patent spike pigalle..... Don't hv the pic of them as they went to the cobblers for their rubber sole.
  12. More to come :smile: I have some mod shots of a few n will upload them. Will try to get you my mod shots of the scuba ones from my desktop :smile:
  13. Awwwwh:smile: nothing to be embarrassed about ShoobieDoobie. We love our shoes n handbags n how they complete out look n most of all make us feel beautiful!!
  14. image-2842215271.jpg image-2441954667.jpg image-2957245481.jpg image-446979813.jpg image-4022540845.jpg
  15. Some other mod shots of
    Red lady peep spikes!
    image-3354948148.jpg image-254633835.jpg image-3006902327.jpg