my account got suspended!!! HELP!!!!

  1. I signed in to my account and I get this notice saying my account was suspended and I look inmy messages

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana] We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended because it violates the site policy outlined in the User Agreement:

    eBay's services are not available to members who are currently suspended.

    Our records indicate that your account is associated with the following suspended account:


    eBay does not permit suspended users to register with eBay or use eBay's services under any name. eBay may extend this prohibition to accounts or user names associated with the suspended user.

    Due to the suspension of this account, you are prohibited from using eBay in any way including registering a new account. Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously disputed to the billing method currently on file.

    that was the message I received. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE EBFORE????
    is there any way I can get it reinstated because I still had items that needed to be paid for and I really needed tha tmoney!!!! pelase help! THANKS!
  2. To get it reinstated you need to contact eBay and find out why are they are relating the two accounts together.

    When you get suspended eBay sends an email to your buyers notifying them about your status and recommending them not to finalize the transaction with you. It would be up to the buyers at that point to decide to continue or not.
  3. does anyone know if it is at all possible to make a new account without it getting suspended?? I mean we all make mistakes, how could we banned from ebay for hte rest of our lives like that!
  4. There's an ebook about how to get back at Ebay. I don't wan to disclose everything but I think you can open a selling account with an alias and a credit card (gift card). I heard that they also track your IP address but I'm not sure. do a search in yahoo for "back on Ebay ebook"

  5. You will eventually be banned again. I would address the issue eBay had with your original account, clear that up. They might let you back on a limited basis.
  6. Ugh, this happened to me when I was in college and I let my roommate use my computer (I was being nice- we weren't even friends!). They suspended her account for something stupid, then suspended mine because we had the same IP. I emailed ebay multiple times about appealing my suspension, and they told me they couldn't do anything until she wasn't suspended anymore. We had to wait out her 30 day suspension, then she appealed. It took another week before they let her back on, then I had to appeal. Such a pain in the butt! I hope you're able to resolve yours quickly! Good luck!
  7. Wow that really sucks!! Yeah I am doing live chat however it is not really helping because after they tell me that they are going to see whats going on with my account they don't come back and its been 20 mins!

    I hope I can atleast appeal. I am glad you got everything sorted out though!
  8. This happened to my sister and her friend. My sister was selling a ton of things when she sold her house several years ago, and her friend was bidding on her items to "up" the bid. I remember me and my mom telling her she was going to get caught, and sure enough, she did and she and her friend got suspended. I can't remember what eBay calls this when you have people bid on your stuff, but the did not let her reinstate her account and she still is not back on years later. She has me list things for her now and then, and I made her promise not to have anyone she knows bid on her things so I don't get suspended.
    Were you and this other member doing anything like this? Maybe they think this is what you were doing or were suspicious of you doing. Do you know this other member?
  9. ^
    They call it Shill bidding... :smile:
  10. Nope. it was basically me being a highschooler and irresponsible and didn't pay for 2 /3 items and received a strike. Then I made a new account. The thing is I have been using my newest account for more than a year and I have been using it everyday without problems until now.

    I really hope they can somehow reinstate both accountsso I can go back to selling and bidding :sad: I really miss ebay already!! I am such an ebay addict!