My accessory for my Sophie....

  1. I picked this little gal up yesterday at LV..LOVES IT! Some kind of new Cles they make..has two pockets inside and a keychain..I really liked it.It was only 210 plus tax..Perfect for throwing a few cards into and using inside my tiny Sophie!
    Also SAW the Rivet Mono pochette..WOW...I gave them my card to buy it..I also bought the Big MONO Rivet bag too..ROFL..LOVE THAT COLLECTION! SO HOT!I know all of you dont love it..but i ADORED it all so i bought both...Stinks I have to wait till Feb 15th to pick them up though..SNIFF!
    Oh..and here is the Cruise Gm I picked up(AGAIN!!LOL!)
  2. ooo congrats...
  3. Can we see the INSIDE of the Multiclés Rabat, Jill??
  4. wow jill! you have been busy! :p
    congrats and can't wait to see the rivets bags....the multicles rabat (above) will be a great addition to the sophie!:yes:
  5. ^LOL..OK..Thats the name of it..heehee..Sure..Hold on..I have a pic of the inside coming
  6. Wow..Jill..very nice haul..can't wait to see your rivet bag..

    I love the charms on denim, I wonder if we can purchase the charm only..

    I love that cles
  7. i think it's too small for you, my friend :wlae:
  8. Hot hot hot! All of it is beautiful. Love the rivets...please, oh please post pics!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I think you're right...But just wanted to see what the set up is like!:yes:

    Have you seen this in person?
  11. wow! you always get nice stuff.
  12. Oh, so there aren't any of those metal key holder doohickeys, Jill??
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: that bag is just :drool:
    Congrat's and do enjoy!!

  14. OH..I also saw the small Suhali bags..They were so tiny..looked like something a child would wear!!!
  15. oh lucky you gettin both rivet bags, cant wait to see em.
    I saw a lady yesterday carrying the cruise GM bag, looks great!