My AC Metal City in Butterscotch came in today! picssss

  1. I LOVE IT. I was so excited when it came! It was exactly what I was looking for. Now, I need to get away from the browns and tans and head towards a black bag!


  2. I LOVE it!!!! I really want a mini in butterscotch! ENJOY!
  3. Congratulations! - the AC city tote is a great bag!
  4. Very nice!!!
  5. its gorgeous!! I love Anna Corinna!!!
  6. Tell me, were did you find this?!
    LOVE IT.
  7. I got an AMAZING deal (because of someone here who posted) about a Calypso store in CA who had them on sale. I wound up getting mine for $187 shipped to NJ (originally $485!!!!!!). I really am so impressed with the whole bag and so indebted to whomever posted about the Calypso sale.