My Absolutely Fabulous Satchel

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  1. I bought this metallic MBMJ satchel a few weeks ago and it's great! Does anybody else have this bag? And do metallics need special treatment? TIA!

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  2. Ooh, that's very pretty. I do not think metallics need special treatment, just remember to condition and weather-proof it, along with your other bags.
  3. Beautiful! I'd echo happy942 in saying that metallics don't need special treatment beyond the usual.
  4. Glad to hear that, ladies! I sprayed on some weather-proofing like I do with my other bags. Hopefully that should be enough.
  5. What a beautiful bag ! :heart:

    Questions : what does "MBMJ" mean ? And how much did you pay for this bag ?

    Thank you.
  6. "MBMJ" = Marc by Marc Jacobs
  7. Very the outside pockets
  8. ANGELICA07, the bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs. It was purchased in Brown Thomas, Ireland, which is an up-market department store chain. The bag was greatly reduced in the fantastic New Year sale. I paid under 200 euros so it was a great deal and a fantastic bag. It's made of very soft, thick leather.

    sdkitty, the outside pockets are indispensable. I brought the bag on a brief trip to Scotland recently and used one of the side pockets as a coin purse for separate currencies. Ireland (where I live) is a euro currency, but the UK still has sterling. So those pockets kept me from mixing up different coins!
  9. BT's January sales can often trickle on for ages! So I didn't actually discover the bag till summer!
  10. fabulous bag and great deal!! COngrats!
  11. Glad you like the bag, ladies!
  12. Thanks :graucho:
  13. Thats absolutely gorgeous! I am loving these metallic bags.
  14. My god, this was a very great deal ! :woohoo: :tup:
    Stop torturing me please :yahoo: : very soft, thick leather, all that I want ! :crybaby:

    I agree with you avout outside pockets : I just can not buy a bag that have not this type of pockets (the seae for inside pockets). Pockets are indispensable !!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the € currencies : I am from Belgium ! ;)
  15. And I'm in Ireland! :smile: