my absolute hottest best new pair of cls!

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  1. ok i've mentioned before that some friends gave me a really generous gc to Neimans to buy myself a pair of super hot shoes. i've been losing weight (which i've mentioned a thousand times) and it was their congratulations to me. i've also been saving money for every pound i lose. i really wanted one spectacular pair of shoes that would be real showstoppers (but wearable). i had my heart set on the mesh slingbacks but kept hesitating. one thing was i haven't hit my goal yet. anyway this weekend i went to BG with a friend and was looking for black patent shoes. my SA handed me these slingbacks and i thought they were nice but asked if they came in any other colors. and then he showed it to me. THE SHOE. the one i have been waiting for. I swear i heard angels singing "ahhhhhh haaaaaaa" when i tried it on. there were a few women around who complimented them on me to. sold! so i finally picked them up tonight (had to order them on the phone so i could use my gc). anyway, sorry for the long tale.... here they are- my new FABULOUS weightloss sex appeal funsy shoe! :woohoo::yahoo::wlae:
    IMG_7317.JPG IMG_7319.JPG IMG_7320.JPG IMG_7321.JPG IMG_7322.JPG
  2. So pretty! What style is that, hlfinn? The color make me happy! Congrats on finding such a great shoe for yourself and on the weight loss, too!
  3. Congrats, they look tremendous. What are they called? They look like a Marpoil -----------?
  4. It is a marpoil! they also come in black patent, black linen and green patent (which is bright and stunning too!)

    thanks surly and pantrixx!

    oh and if anyone is wondering i actually sized a half a size down in these. i'm a 40 or 40.5 in simples and other cls and these are a 39.5
  5. I want to see modeling pics!
  6. my toes are GROSS. i'm getting a pedi on thursday so i'll take pics then- if anyone still wants to see them. LOL. but they look AWESOME with red polish!
  7. Those are gorgeous! I love the color. Enjoy and good luck on your weight loss.
  8. thanks rons! the color is soooo fun right? eek! and looks fabulous with jeans!
  9. Congratulations, hlfinn!!! the yellow is awesome, it's a instant smile-maker. I think it must be a reflection of how happy you are now!!! I also like that it is not the usual model/colour. It can be YOUR shoes!!! THE shoes!!!
    (I am still smiling now, thanks for sharing the story!)
  10. aw thanks can008! that is such a great way to put it! yes, they reflect how happy i am now! thank you for saying that!
  11. WOW! These are incredible! I am in love! Great choice!
  12. hlfinn Congrats!!! they are sooo gorgeous!! and congrats on the weight loss!! Your gonna be looking hot this summer!! *I need to start my 'get healthy' plan*
  13. They are so gorgeous hlfinn! So happy for you!!!
  14. gorgeous color. So beautiful
  15. those are hot! And congrats on the weightloss too~