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  1. Some celebrities attending the Dior Couture show were spotted with the new MyLadyDior, which comes with personalized charms that slide into a piece of leather near the base of the strap as opposed to snap-on/twist-off pins. The new style is also available for the first time in what appears to be satin (could be velvet too, can't really tell from the picture), with crystal-inlaid charms:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Love
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  3. That green is sure a statement!
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  4. 100%
  5. Just woowww [emoji4][emoji4]
  6. Wow, nice strap... i just saw on IG too.
    I wish they would sell the strap separate

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  7. Oh wow! That explains why the My Lady Dior was absent from the website for weeks (not that I check daily or anything :hrmm:) . Thanks for the info!
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  8. I like this personalization more. There are more possibilities, and the charms look very secure this way.
  9. That green is TDF!
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  10. Obsessed with this new strap, I much prefer it. I really hope they do the black with silver hw in this style.
    Anyone know a release date?
  11. It's already at some boutiques. Call your local Dior to inquire.
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  12. Oh I really love this dag, I just wish it didn't have all these charms on it! Is the big key chain like letter-charm removable? I assume it's not?

    Any way, gorgeous bag. The green would not suit me at all, no matter how much I wound want it to, but I loved the look of it. I hope someone on here buys it cause it is really lovely! The second on the other hand.. also gorgeous!
  13. The D I O R charms hanging from the grommet under the handles is not removable, although you can wear the bag backwards and there will not be any charms at all.
  14. Ooh, I like this personalization more than the badges. It's more understated.I hope they will sell the strap only next time so I can swap with my existing MLD strap.
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  15. my SA just sent me new lady dior
    are they gorgeous???? and more strap details..
    does anyone know if the price goes up already???? IMG-20190201-WA0046.jpg IMG-20190201-WA0047.jpg IMG-20190201-WA0036.jpg
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