My Abbey Messenger arrived!

  1. I was so excited when this arrived - used it to do some errands today and got lots of stares. This is my first Gucci, am now deciding if I need the matching wallet? Only thing about this bag is the zipper doesn't pull very smooth - is that normal?:wlae:
  2. not sure about the zipper, but the bag looks great on you! :P
  3. gorgeous bag! i just got my first gucci the other day, i get all happy and giggly now when people look at my bag :biggrin:
  4. Needanotherbag, that's a very cute messenger. I would stare at it too! LOL!
  5. Congrats on your first Gucci! That looks like a great size too...
  6. Thanks! I'm in love with it.

    Gucci Girls - I know the feeling - I was so excited to get ready this morning so I could take her with me to Starbucks...
  7. lol its fun taking them out for a spin isnt it hehe
  8. Congrats on you new Gucci bag! the messenger style looks great!
  9. SWEET! I really like it. Very neat looking.
  10. The bag looks great on you! Maybe you can pull on the zipper for a few days? Sometimes when I get new bags the zipper is tighter and loosens over time.
  11. Thanks! The zipper seems to be getting better now that I have used it several times today - I think I need the matching wallet now!
  12. very cute and so is your dog! :heart:
  13. The bag looks great on you :yes:
  14. The bag looks superfantastic!! love the look! zipper pull should get easier with wear i'm guessing.
  15. thanks ladies for the complements!!

    RoseMary - thats my little girl Lizzie - we didn't even realize she posed for the pic with me until we downloaded the pics and saw her there - she's a glamourdog in every way... :smile:
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