My $90, like-new Hillier Hobo. Thanks Diego!

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  1. Here are pics of my Hillier Hobo, back from MJ repairs. I still can't believe that I bought this baby for only $90! Even though it's the smaller one, I can still wear it messenger style, which is a huge plus for me - I don't have any other messenger-style bag! The hardware is silver, and the leather is thick, pebbled and chewy! For the record, I'm 5"5, about 120 pounds.




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  2. looks great! $90? what a lucky score. how did you manage that?
  3. I bought it on Ebay knowing that it was likely damaged (a TPF member messaged to say that they had bought the same bag from the same seller...and returned it cuz the "O" rings were broken). I had already bought the bag with a Best Offer of $90 (I think it was listed at $250)...and the seller had a guaranteed return policy, so I knew I didn't have much to lose.

    When the bag arrived, the "O" rings were indeed broken, but the rest of the bag was in excellent condition. So, I emailed Diego and he told me to send it along for repair. Shipping cost me about $15 (from Canada), and the repair was free! So, truthfully, the bag was more like $110...still a great deal though! And the repair only took about 2 weeks!
  4. That is a deal! Congrats on your beautiful Hillier...
  5. Damn good deal, girlie. Congrats.
  6. congratulations!! lucky score
  7. Wow totally awesome score. I wasn't aware the MJ repairs would fix that! Congrats on your new Hillier hobo. Hot bag!
  8. Ruth, I'm so glad things worked out for you!
    (I bookmarked the seller in hopes I'll somehow manage a great score like you had with your Hillier!)

    It looks great on you, did Diego just fix the rings for you? Do you know if they fix any MbMJ bags or just recent ones?
  9. I love happy endings! That bag looks great on you. Diego and MJ repairs are truly amazing.

    Congrats on your new Hillier!
  10. congrats! so glad it's fixed. it looks great!
  11. I'm so glad your amazing find worked out for you, Ruth! It's so rare these days to hear a happy eBay story - you deserve it! And it looks fab on you, too! :tup:
  12. looks really good on you! congrats and diego is awesome!
  13. great deal!! and its super cute, i still need to get my hands on one.
  14. Thanks Telicious. I bought another bag from that same seller (a Gustto Baca for only $70!), and it wasn't entirely as described. It had a few marks, but I still ended up keeping it because the price was so good. So...if you don't mind taking a bit of a risk (they do have a good return policy), then you might score a good deal!

    Someone from TPF encouraged me to contact Diego. Apparently, the problem with the "O" rings was some type of flaw in the design that he was already aware of. I don't know what their repair policies are, but he was an absolute pleasure to deal with.
  15. Thanks so much!