My 9 yr old wants to carry a bag...

  1. I took my DD 9 yrs old into NYC yesterday. I usually go into NYC to shop once a month, alone, it is my time to myself, I usually meet a girlfirend for lunch and shopping on Madison Ave. So yesterday I took dd, she asked for a bag to carry, so I gave a small pink LT hobo I purchased to give to her (but had not b/c she claimed to be a Tom-boy). She wore a skirt and off we went, we had a GREAT time, she was so sweet, she held my hand all the time! We stopped by the Tods store and she asked me to buy her a particular bag :yahoo:but ouch, I can't spend that kind of money on a 9 yr old! For me yeah, that's one thing but for a 9 yr old.

    I'll give the pink LT for now, but back to my original ? What age have you fellow purse lovers given your dd's or gdd's bags?
  2. It depends on alot of things... but mostly IMO you don't want to start spoiling young girls with top designer things too early in life or else she might not have a sense of value towards expensive items, rather she will just treat Gucci the same as a $10 bag from Kmart... or even worse, she could come to 'expect' the more pricier brands and shun the cheaper stuff... It all depends on how you treat the situation. Maybe buying it for her for a big accomplishment, good report card, etc, or a bday or holiday so she realizes this is a "special" item not something that you can just ask for and get whenever you want...
  3. I think there have been a few threads on this subject. My sister had two bags at 8, a pink hello kitty and a COACH demi.

    It all depends on their maturity level (that is, not to lose/misplace it). As a parent, you have to trust that you know best. There is no "one size fits all" in this kind of situation.
  4. I would try and get a sense if this is a passing fad or not.
    If its not and she really wants a designer bag you might be able to get a cute little coach bag or D and B. They have some smaller bags and they go on sale at Macy's. If you find something I would put it away for a holiday or special occasion gift. Till then you might want to try Leportsac they have some cute small purses and are inexpensive.
  5. Oh, gosh! Our 7 year-olod granddaughter was visiting for a couple of weeks, and I gave her one of my little handbags that I used as an evening bag, and she carried it the whole time. She stuffed her gummy bears and chapstick in there and she thought she was on top of the world. It may be a phase, but I think she will want a purse for Christmas.
  6. I agree that she should have to earn it and it should be a small Coach or Dooney or something along those lines.
  7. She just wants to be like her fabulous, bag-loving mom! My mom used to give me her old purses to carry around when I was a little girl. I used to put my comb, mirror, pack of gum, my change, and little sample tubes of lipstick my mom gave me in there. I carried my purses everywhere.
    If you decide to get her a small purse, I echo everyone's recommendations. I don't think it has to be an outrageously expensive bag. She probably just wants it, because it's a bag, not because it's designer.
  8. Why should a child have to "earn" it at 9? Do boys at the same age have to earn their playstations? If you feel so as well, great. It's just that this general double standard bugs the hell out of me.
  9. My daughter started out with Dooney bags. Some of their styles are young and fun and they are so durable. The bags still look new and she is very hard on her bags. Juicy is a great bag for a young girl as well, however, the terry bags are murder to keep clean!
  10. I think I was 9 too. I had a little beaded evening bag from a department store that I would take to shows and plays. I didn't get an everyday bag until I was 11. Neither was designer or anything, just the type of bags you would find at JC Penney or Kohls today.

    To this day my mom still won't spend more than $20 for a bag so I'm not sure where I got this bag thing from...
  11. My niece is 12. A little older than nine, but she really wanted a designer bag. When it was her birthday a few of us chipped in and bought her a Coach Swing Pack with matching wristlet. She was delighted and because there was 4 of us it was quite affordable. It has been 4 months now and she still carries her purse everywhere she goes. I don't think children should have everything they want but I also have no problem in treating them to somethig special. Besides if you can afford it how special is a Mom and daughter shopping trip to purchase her first bag? Do you think she is mature enough to take care of it? Only you know your daughter well enough to judge. Trust your instincts.
  12. My daughter is 11 and doesn't care much about the bag situation. She will happily carry a bag from Target or wherever...she likes the Tokidoki's now and it's the first time a "designer" has caught her eye. I will say, however, that she is a SHOE girl. She informed me that a pair of $250 strappy sandals with a 3" heel would be "so worth it" for school. Um...I don't think so... haha

    Back to the original question, tho...I'd say it would have everything to do w/ how well they treat their toys and other things. If they are a tidy kid they may deserve a Dooney or the like for a present at B-day or Holiday Time.
  13. In general, I feel like children should not just ask for some major priced item and expect to get it just b/c they want it, boy or girl, again, unless it's a b-day or holiday or whatnot..
  14. ya know what, my mom won't spend alot on bags either,so i don't know where my obsession came from either... but I can tell you that my first word was pocketbook so I tell my husband that I was born with this obsession and it is not my fault!! LOL:roflmfao:
  15. My daughter is 12 and is the most practical person in the world. She thinks the way I shop is silly and can't understand why I need so many bags.:wtf: Keeping that in mind, she is more than happy with Nine West or Guess or bags along those lines. They do make some pretty cute inexpensive bags and really I don't worry about long term quality at her age. She's ridiculously responsible but at 12 I know she wont take care of a bag the way I would and so if they get too dirty and need to be replaced it's no big deal.