My 9 years old student gave me a present.

Jan 22, 2008
This morning, one of my student came to me and said, "you are my favorite teacher Mr Ste and I know that you like Louis Vuitton. I saw this pillow yesterday and I want you to have it. You always work very hard, during the break, you can take a rest and lay your head on it".
I was touched and very happy, though I know that the Louis Vuitton Pillow is not an authentic item.
For me, it is not the thing, but her attention from a 9 years old student that amazed me. :yes:


My LOUIS VUITTONs :yahoo::

- Damier Geant Terre Messanger
Damier Geant Noir Cougar
Damier Geant Sable Compagnon
- Damier Canvas Ebene Bastille
- Damier Canvas Ebene Broadway
- Monogram Canvas Sac Plat
- Epi Leather Pepper Sac Plat
- Monogram Canvas Pen Holder
- Monogram Canvas Spectacles Holder
- Monogram Canvas Speeding Sneakers
- Monogram Canvas Trunks and Bags Belt
- Monogram Canvas Ellipse belt
- Monogram Teddy Bear pin
- Damier Teddy Bear pin
- Damier Canvas Ebene Zippy Organizer
- Damier Canvas Ebene Multiple
- Damier Canvas Ebene Name Card Holder
- Damier Canvas Ebene Cles
- Damier Canvas Ebene Cigarette Pouch
- Anneau Cles

My wish list:

- Damier Canvas Ebene Sac Plat
- Damier Canvas Ebene Keepall 50
- Damier Canvas Azur Naviglio
- Damier Canvas Azur Keepall 50
- Damier Canvas Azur Initials Belt- Monogram Canvas Pochette Gange
- Monogram Canvas Sac Squash
- Monogram Canvas Sac Bosphore


Jan 22, 2008
oh my god what she did is so adorable!! u must be so nice to them!
Thank you. I just want all the best for my students. I just try my best to be their teacher as well as their best friend. I am so happy if my students care about me. On my birthday last December, each of them (there are 14 of them in a classroom) collected Rp, 5000,- which almost equal to USD5, and bought me a birthday present. :love:


Dec 7, 2006
that is so sweet. from a 9 year old's perspective it just looks the same. its really the thought that're so lucky to have such darling students.:heart: