My $85 LP Dakota Closeout

  1. Another winner! Baby soft leather and I even got a sleeper bag with it. :tup:
    blackcoach5.jpg BrownDakotaLP3.jpg BrownDakotaLP.jpg BrownDakotaLP1.jpg BrownDakotaLP2.jpg
  2. the leather looks great and i love the zippers! can't wait for my clutch and belt to arrive :smile:
  3. Congrats great looking bag!
  4. Wow thats super cute! Great deal too. I thought I got a good deal on the dakota for a 100 bucks but wow...85!

    The brown looks delicious...congrats!
  5. Nice looking bag Grace! Soft & Smushy. I got my Dylan Continental Wallet today and I love it. It's soooooo soft & roomy and not at all heavy. You gotta love that leather.