My 8 yr old daughter's new Burberry winter jacket, hat & top

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  1. Got these recently in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Hopefully, I could post pics of all her Burberry clothes, shoes and other accessories soon;).
    burberry_jacket.JPG burberry_paris.JPG
  2. omg that coat is stunning!!
  3. thank you, mello_yello_jen:smile:.
  4. So cuuuuuuuuuuute..waiting for more pics :smile:
  5. love the coat:love:...your daughter is very lucky to have such a stylish mommy:smile:. can't wait to see more pictures!
  6. I LOVE that coat!! That is one lucky little girl :woohoo:
  7. thank you everyone! i'll try to post pics soon....
  8. Those outfits so cute :love:
  9. I especially love that top!
  10. oh my goodness!! SO adorable!
  11. thank you, ladies! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    i was finally able to take pics of most of my daughter's Burberry stuff... still can't find her bikini and shoes:push:...

    i enjoy dressing up my little girl:smile:....
    burberry2.JPG burberry.JPG burberry1.JPG
  12. wow.. what a collection.. she must be a princess!
  13. Okay, I want a girl now so I can do the same with her wardrobe. OMG, you have such a NICE collection of clothes for her. Lucky little princess indeed. :smile:
  14. ooooohh, ADORABLE! :smile:
  15. thank you so much, everyone!!!!