my 70x70 love

  1. I just love this 70x70
    indian.jpg indian2.jpg
  2. Beautiful, it has such rich colors.
  3. It's beautiful - versatile and flattering colorway. I love my 70cm scarf, as well. It's a great size!
  4. Yes... I love that one too, esp that colorway...
  5. Bought the same one in orange.
    It is BRIGHT, but I love it. Thinking of getting this colorway also.
    To me this size has a more casual, younger look. I need all the young I can get. hehe
  6. oh I bought that one in the purple colorway and LOVE it. I can't wait to wear it!
  7. Gorgeous! I think this is next on my list. :tup:
  8. It's beautiful. I too love the 70 x 70 Scarf.
  9. It's going to go really well with all the barenia you landed recently. I'm really getting to be a fan of KO's work.
  10. Congrats, Costa! I have that one in black, bronze and olive. It is my favorite scarf!
  11. Argh can´t see picture
  12. Neither can I,this has been happening alot since they did the upgrades.:cursing:
  13. Love the 70 x 70 scarves, too. My favorite is Kelly en Caleche. I bought it in the ivory/rose/plum and dark gray/orange (see this one on the left, in my avatar) colorways.
  14. Love the colours, congratulations!
  15. I :heart: The 70 x 70, Costa It's Beautiful & The Colorway Is Dreamy!!!!