My 7 year old son noticing LVs

  1. Yesterday my husband brought our boys to a restaurant for lunch and a lady with a big LV bag told my boys that they were really cute. When she walked away, my son said Daddy is that a real or fake LV purse.

    My husband asked, how do you about LV purses, he said Mommy has alot of them and she loves her Cherry Blossom.

    Wow, I guess he is really observant and obviously listens to our adult conversations when we make comments about people we pass with the LVs.

    I thought it's a cute story.
  2. hehe smart boy. cute story!
  3. My 5 year old son is the same way!!
  4. Sooo cute!!!!!

    My son is the same way...except he just points them out and says..."You dont have that one, mom"....

    And I answer "Not yet..", then my husband says sternly..."No!"
  5. Start them off young, thats what i say!
  6. how cute!!
  7. Awww, how cute! You should teach to tell the difference between real and fake now!
  8. So cute!
  9. Aww!! That's too cute! My little sister is the same way!!
  10. Very cute, thanks for sharing!
  11. He is so cute.
  12. I totally relate- my 5 year old son noticed Nia Long's LV luggage in "Are We Done Yet" back when the movie came out--- he just looked at me and said "Hey- that's like your purse!" haha!!
  13. LOL that's so funny!
  14. lol! that's too cute! :biggrin:

    .. my friends 5 year old is the same way! plus she carries around her own LV's and guccis! haha .. it's way too adorable! :]
  15. LOL my son notices also, asks me is that a fake or real LV? LOL