my 6th sense tells me to go to H boutique today.....

  1. and I was thinking should I go, or should not I, and I did......
  2. ooh.... can't wait to hear what you got:huh:
  3. Is this the worlds longest strip or did Baby step out?
  4. Yes! What goodie did you bring back?
  5. sorry I am back.

    and I saw her sitting in the shelf, right in the middle, so lonely, so I asked the SA (not my regular SA) to bring her out, so that I could play with her.

    She is so tempting. I have been debating whether to bring her home or not. This is the longest time it has ever taken me to make a decision on an H item.

    I was going back and forth, asking SA the opinion....still back and forth.
  6. and I finally made the decision, and yes, she is home with me now.....

    introducing my Rouge Garrance 30 Togo Birkin with PHW.....
    birkin1.jpg birkin2.jpg
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!
  8. Congratulations! She was just sitting there waiting for you to come rescue her.
  9. gorgeous:nuts::heart:
  10. Oh, you made a beautiful choice! And I like your other Birkin too, very much! Is it clemence??

    Lovely! Both of them!
  11. Lovely choice! :smile:
  12. Congrats, she is stunning!
  13. Congrats!!:wlae::wlae:
  14. Thanks so much everyone!

    Hi Susi, yes it is Clemence (Potiron).
  15. SO GORGEOUS! Congrats!