My 6th City Is Here!!

  1. :yahoo:Woohoo!!.....finally got my rouge vif city home. She's simply stunning, absolutely love the thick matte leather & the natural distressing on her! My Sa really did a great job in picking one that I'll love. She's the 9th member in my Bfamily.....isn't she H-O-T?:tender::sweatdrop:
    rougevif1780wtm.jpg rougevif1779wtm.jpg rougevif1792wtm.jpg rougevif1761wtm.jpg rougevif1766wtm.jpg rougevif1808wtm.jpg
  2. wow amazing congrats!! the leather is really wow!!
  3. Congrats, CittaBella! It's beautiful. I love the color!
  4. Yes- she's HOT!!!!:yes: Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Yep - she is gorgeous!!! Way to go!:yahoo:
  6. Wow! What a fabulous bag. It is simply stunning. It is really making me want a city now.
  7. Golly you have so many bags, you must be happy!
  8. You got a great bag! Congratulations!
  9. wow that is so beautiful , im starting to want rouge vif too!
  10. WOW, that's the prettiest one I've seen yet. I love the wrinkly/squishy bits on the sides. Congrats! We need a family portrait!
  11. hot hot hot!! love that have 9 bbags?! yummy...
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: That is one BEAUTIFUL bag!!! (I have one just like it! ;) )
  14. That bag is on FIRE!! sssssizzle!
  15. Congratulations, the leather is gorgeous! I want to see all your bags together! I bet they look great!
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