My $64 Bleecker Duffle

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  1. Yep, I won this beautiful bag for $64 on ebay!

    She is mildly dirty on the bottom and I have some signature fabric cleaner I'm going to use. Otherwise the only "problem" is that she is missing her leather zipper pull. The hang tag is on there now to grab hold of, but I didn't know if anyone knew if you can get replacement pulls...or would any leather shop be able to do some sort of replacement pull for it.

    Here she is. She is really beautiful in real life. I fell in love with my black leather duffle I bought last week and when I saw her Siggy sister I had to have her too. :shame:

  2. Call Coach and ask. I guess you could always try a keyfob or charm if nothing else in the meantime.
    Good find,.
  3. Screaming Deal! :nuts: I would call Coach and ask as well, I am sure they can get you one. :tup:
  4. I thought of that about a keyfob or charm too....maybe I'll check those out. I'll see what Coach says too. It'd be nice if they could replace it.

  5. Awesome deal! Congrats.
  6. Oh that's awesome!! I would just use a keyfob or the tag.
  7. Okay, I just used the signature fabric cleaner on the bag and some leather conditioner on the strap and upper part of the bag. Wow....she is shining. I'm letting her get good and dry now. I'd say this has got to be the best ebay purchase I've ever made...and I've been buying and selling on ebay for 10 years!!!
  8. OMG what a steal!!! HUGE congrats, I'm totally jealous, I love a timeless brown purse (big surprise eh?) LOL :biggrin: Show an after shot, lets see how she cleaned up!
  9. Great Deal!!
  10. Okay, it is hard to tell the difference in the signature fabric in the photos. But here are some after shots. :smile:

  11. Wow-wee!!!!! What a flippin' score! Love what you did for the pull tag! Cute!!!
  12. that's an awesome deal!!!
  13. Wow! Great deal. She is really nice. Congrats.
  14. That bag looks awesome. What a good deal. :tup:
  15. If you want the hangtag, you can call customer service and tell them it fell off or something and they should either send you a new one or allow you to purchase one. Great find though!!