My $63 LP Beverly Closeout

  1. Stunning bag..definitely worth $63:tup:
    linebag2.jpg Linebag.jpg
  2. Love the Smurf Blue! Congrats on the deal! :yahoo:
  3. GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get mine!! Thanks for the pics!!
  4. congrats! ;)
  5. Divine! You beat me to that color, and now I am jealous! Still waiting on my Bianca Stud bags, if yours is any indication they will be gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful and what a deal!!
  7. That is certainly a beauty! And aren't you the smart shopper...great choice. Enjoy!
  8. I received my beverly in the "bone" color today. Love it! Wish it came with a dust bag but won't complain since it's just so darn cute.
  9. Gorgeous bag! What a deal! Congratulation!!!
  10. liking the summer color...congrats.