My 60% Off Large Black Rive Gauche!

  1. Here are some pics of my new Large Black Rive Gauche, which I was able to pick up for only $718! I lucked out by finding it at the semiannual sale of Saks Jandel (a local store that houses the Chevy Chase YSL boutique), where they had select items marked 50-80% off for one weekend. $718 was 60% off of the $1795 retail, so I am thrilled to have gotten such an incredible deal on such a fabulous bag, especially considering that it's Black versus the more seasonal colors you might expect to find marked down.

    As other RG owners have mentioned, the leather is gorgeous on this bag and the detachable strap just adds a level of practicality to it. I haven't found getting in and out of it to be too cumbersome, either, although I prefer to just leave it unzipped and use the twist lock to keep the flap closed. It's slouchy, sophisticated and versatile and I am officially in love with it :love:.

    I've attached some pictures and just wanted to note that the two-tone look in the second photo is only a trick of the light from the flash. I also included my Large Patent Tribute just for size comparison and did throw in a pic with my Large Downtown, too, although that one didn't turn out very well.
    dsc01376.jpg dsc01363.jpg dsc01371.jpg dsc01368.jpg dsc01391.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! What a great score. Aren't YSL bags just the best?!
  3. :nuts: Wow! What an amazing price for such a lovely bag!

    :woohoo: Congratulations!!!

    I love your YSL collection! :tup:
  4. wow! your new bag is gorgeous but i'm especially loving that downtown... *drool* closeup pleaseee??
  5. That Rive Gauche is nice!! Great deal, too!!
  6. congratulations! It was quite a deal! Gorgeous bag!
  7. Love the collection
  8. Congrats on your RG shazam!!!! The leather looks soooo luscious. You've got a great YSL collection. ;)

  9. Where is this Saks store locate? I can't seem to find on saks directory.
  10. I loved it too. And loved the price even more!!!

  11. Great to finally see your RG. You are one truly lucky gal!
  12. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words! I hadn't really tried out the RG in person previously, but when I saw it on the table I just gravitated right towards it. It's one of those bags that I can see myself using for years to come. Cosmopolitan, thanks for prompting me to post some pics and, spendalot, I hope you find your Medium!

    It's not a Saks Fifth Avenue, it's a completely separate store called Saks Jandel that's owned by a local DC family. They're in the DC area and house high-end boutiques in the stores like YSL and Valentino. If you go to, you'll see information for the Chevy Chase boutique which is really within the Saks Jandel.

    Thanks, valerieteo, I posted a few pics of my Vichy Downtown up in the Resource Thread but I copied one here which also shows my Vichy slingbacks. I've included the link, too, in case you wanted to check out the rest.

  13. I'm soooo jealous! :love: That is the ONE bag that I've been hunting for the past month (at sale price) but to no avail....the bag that occupied #1 priority position on must-get-list of sale bags. It didn't help that for the longest time I had thought Saks Jandel was a non-existent Saks location LOL......and when I finally found out that Saks Jandel was a whole 'nother dept. store in D.C., it was too late....the sale was over and everything was gone.

    Enjoy this beauty! My favorite black bag right now :heart:
  14. RG is so lovely! U must be a very happy gal :yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Wow! What a great find! Congrats!