My 6 YO ****zu has lost 2 teeth in the past month

  1. Is this something that I should be concerned with? I know that dogs start losing their teeth as they get older, but my ****zu is only 6 years old so I find this a bit alarming. So far he has lost his 2 front teeth. I think that the reason for this might be because of the new addition in our family. We recently brought a new ****zu puppy into the household and there has been some sibling rivalry between the 2 ****zus. They are constantly pulling chew toys out of eachother's mouths, so I am guessing that this has caused the older ****zu to lose his teeth since they are weaker.

    Anyone have any suggestions, is this something that I should take him to a vet for?
  2. Yes, definitely get it checked with the vet, if it is a tooth problem that can cause ALOT of other issues with your dog's health. Also I have two dogs that play alot and never have they lost a tooth over it. Sorry i'm not trying to scare you or anything, but the only way to know for sure is to have the vet look at it.
  3. Defintiely bring your dog to the vet. How often do you brush your dogs' teeth? Have they gotten their annual oral cleaning yet? If animals' teeth aren't taken care of properly, germs and bacteria get into the gums and can cause things like tooth loss, also it can cause many other problems throughout the body as the germs and bacteria enter the blood stream and can cause things such a kidney problems. Your vet will be able to tell if something is up by looking inside his mouth.
    Has the whole tooth come out or is it chipped?
    My cat never lost a whole tooth, but a while back, one of her canine teeth in the front chipped, and there is a half of a canine tooth there. Her vet said that her oral health is good, it's nothing to worry about, so she said that my cat probably just bit down on something hard. She didn't seem to be too concerned with it and pretty much said it happens. My kitty will be 5 in November, and I do brush her teeth reguarly and she will be getting her first oral cleaning in December. So, maybe if your dog's teeth are just chipped, it could be the same situation as my cat.
    Either way, it is a very good idea to take your doggy to the vet. He'll be fine. :smile:
    Btw, is that them in your avatar picture? They are incredibly cute!!
  4. I would go to the vet. That seems too late to be losing baby teeth. I hope everything turns out okay.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I will schedule an appt with the vet immediately. I hope that he will be ok because I did think that it was rather alarming to lose 2 teeth so quickly, especially at a young age.
    Purple - yes, that is them in my avatar. They are so sweet.
  6. Keep us updated on your baby! This thread reminded me that I need to make an appt for my dog's cleaning.
  7. I just had my dachshunds teeth cleaned and they had to yank about 3 smaller ones... regular cleaning from now on!!! Dox in question is about 10 yrs old.
  8. I am sorry if I will veer away from your topic kamilla, but your story got me thinking. I have a 1 year old shnauzer and have been brushing his teeth every three days. Do I still have to bring him to the vet to get his teeth professonally cleaned? If yes, how often? Another question... does the vet sedate the dog whenever he cleans a dog's teeth?
  9. Yes, your dog should get their teeth cleaned professionally at least once a year because they are able to be more thorough and it's like how we as humans go every 6 months to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned, same thing kind of. But I think the recommended age to start yearly cleanings is 5 years, so your little dog still has about 4 years until he would start that, but I would discuss it next time at your vet. And they do sedate the pet when their teeth are cleaned.
  10. That happened to my doggie, he was playing too aggressive with the other one and chipped like 2 of his teeth...I ended up spending 4K to fix his teeth... now I put him in a bubble suit to prevent anything from happening to him b/c that 4K for 2 little teeth is not going to waste! j/k :p but the vet said usually you want to get it looked at ASAP so they can seal off the open 'wound' so it won't get infected and so the bacteria won't get into the blood stream since it'll be worse off if that happens.
  11. Anesthetic is hard on pets, and yes they need to be put under to have a dentistry preformed. My dachshund Milo had his first dentistry last Sat and he is 6. We brushed his teeth every day, and didn't need a dentistry for 6 years. Hali my little girl (in my pic) is nearly 3 and will need one in the next year or so. At the moment I flick the tarter off her teeth bi-weekly with a dental scraper.

    The general rule with dogs is - th smaller, the more dental care needed. This is because small dogs have less muscle strength in their jaw, so chewing does not clean the teeth as well as a larger dog would. Also if your pup has a pronounced over or under bite, this can lead to issue.

    Basically if there is no tarter build-up your pup is safe from the issues that arise from pathogens entering the blood stream from the gum line. I would however take your dog to the vet to investigate further.
  12. err... yeah i think I have to brush my dog's teeth more often. :hrmm: I had no idea about the yearly cleaning's either after age 5. I've still got a few more years to go, but tonight I'm going home and brushing both my dogs teeth. ha!
  13. I have a Schnauzer too and my vet recommends daily brushing + professional cleaning every 6 months.
  14. I'm sorry you are worried, but I completely understand why! I would go to the vet right away. I think he's too young to loose any permanent teeth and too old for this to be his baby teeth.

    I am sure your vet will be able to help you. Please let us know!