My $52 White PH MU find and the cleaning project ^^

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  1. I scored this little PH beauty on fleabay last week for $52!!! ^^

    I was really excited simply because I adore PH! and this little PH doesn't break my bank acct!

    The seller has been so nice and within 4 business days winning the item the MU has arrived in Aussie from the States!!! :nuts:

    I was really nervous when opening the package because from the pics the seller listed on the auction - the MU looks like it's really in bad bad condition!
  2. Ohhhh, can't wait to see....
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  4. Well @$52 for a PH MU - I really should not be complaining! :biggrin:

    The condition is as per seller's desc and pics *used and shows wear*- but it still has the good bone and I was so eager to get home and get my hand on her!

    So, as soon as I got home - washed my hand - I was ready to embark on my experiment of giving her a good clean :nuts:
  5. I have read of few posts from fellow TPFers when they do a cleaning to use a low PH soap..

    I decided to use my my Jurlique face cleanser although I am not sure whether it is PH friendly - but my justification is that, my sister who has a very sensitive skin and allergic to most of luxury brands is a faithful follower of Jurlique products - so if it's good for her, it should be good for this MU too ^^

    So my tools of trade :nuts:
    - clean towel
    - Jurlique face cleanser
    - Herbal essence shampoo - this was used after Jurlique

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  6. What I did:
    1. start to wet the troubled areas very carefully with warm water
    2. apply a small amount of Jurlique directly onto the leather
    3. gently rubbing the leather

    I kept doing this for a good 5 mins - and kept using more and more Jurlique as the leather practically just absorbed it!

    So at the end - I was like: oh what the heck?

    I ran the MU under my tap and fully on drenching it :biggrin: and since I have used good amounts of Jurlique without any apparent result I decided to go 'stronger' ^^

    Comes Herbal Essence shampoo :biggrin:
    I did the same thing as the Jurlique - applying small amount and rubbed and repeating these steps for a while..
    and the leather worked quite a lather which I had to say *and quite pleased about it* :biggrin: - it wasn't white - this gave me assurance that the I was getting rid of the dirt..
    also the pink highlighter on the bottom, corners and top seems to be disappearing too..
  7. After feeling satisfied with the cleaning, I ran it again under the warm water to wash the shampoo...

    I knew I shouldn't do this but I couldn't help myself - I wrung the MU :biggrin: to get the water off..

    After, I dried it in front of our heater and hung it on our clothes line..

    This is the condition of it atm *still wet..

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  8. Since it's still wet I can't really tell if I was able to get the dirty corners cleaned - so really looking forward when it dries off ^^
  9. ^^ Me too K! can't wait until it dries off! - unfortunately it will be raining the whole week in Sydney so might take few days longer than I expected..

  10. Looking forward to finding out more!
  11. Looks good so far, can't wait to see it dry!
  12. I'm with ejsc55 - it looks really good so far, aki! I really ought to try this soap and wash thing, some time... it's working so well for tPFers!

    Can't wait to see it when it dries off...this is one of the most interesting threads in a while!
  13. Aki, your love for the oldies is neverending. this abandoned MU needed a loving mom.
    It looks like it's working, can't wait for the pictures when it dries off.
  14. $52?!?! :faint: I can't wait to see how it turns out when it dries!!
  15. so curious...