My 50's....

  1. Hi All,

    since i haven;t seen anyone post their 50's bag, i decided to show my one

    My brother bought me this from Singapore while he was on holiday there a few weeks back.

    Also, here's a pic of my Baby animals bracelet.. I love this!!:heart:

    Has anyone else bought a perfo bag??
    50s.jpg animalbracelet.jpg
  2. wow!! thanks for sharing!!

    i'm glad you got the baby animals bracelet!! hehe..we are bracelet twins! did you end up getting it from my boutique or did you manage to find one closer?
  3. :nuts: :heart: :heart: :love: I love the bracelet~
  4. I love your bag!! and the color to tdf!!! Congrats~ :yahoo:
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. i love the bracelet!
    i saw some of the perfo bags today. it's a very interesting look!
  7. ohhh I love the animal bracelet! so cute!
  8. Congrats! What a sweet brother! And I love that bracelet! And off-topic, but I love bleach :biggrin:, though I read the comics rather than watch the anime.
  9. the bracelet is ADORABLE! and thanks for sharing pics of your gorgeous goodie =)

    (and there's another bleach fan in the house lol)
  10. I love the bag and the bracelet is adorable.

  11. Love the bracelet! I can't remember anyone posting how much they are- if you don't mind me asking, what is the price? Thanks!
  12. Ah, thanks for sharing these pictures. Love both the bag and the bracelet.
  13. That is a great bag!! Congrats~~
    The Baby Animals Ligne is SOOOOO cute, the bracelet is darling. Claudia has almost got me sold on the BabyAnimals Tote - LOL
  14. Kasumi168, can you post the picture of you carrying the bag? I have not seen this bag in person, but it looks really good.
  15. Cute bracelet!!