My 500th post!

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  1. Actually, this is 501! I first heard about tpf when I was reading the NYTimes late last August. There was an article about a get together in NYC of members of the Hermes forum. I was fascinated and looked up tpf and started reading it. I'd never seen anything like it in my life!!! I was blown away at the number of bags members owned. And the exotics!

    It turned out to be a life-changing experience as 3 months later, I fulfilled a 43 year dream and bought my own Kelly. I would NEVER have made such an expensive purchase if tpf hadn't had such a wealth of product information!!!

    I've met some very interesting people here and made some new friends. My children think I'm nuts and that all tpf members are, too, but what do they know!!! I just tell them that at least their elderly, widowed mother is not hanging out in bars!!!

    Thanks, ladies!!!
  2. Congratulations India, I really enjoy reading your posts as they are very wise.My husband and kids also think that I am crackers but hey what the hell.
    I too hope to have my first kelly soon and that would also never happen if I didn't find this site.
    I was on an ebay site questioning authenticity and someone mentioned that the Purse Forum was a good place for authentication issues and wow were they correct.
    I was too scared to venture into the H subforum for about the first year but everyone is so wonderful and thoughtful as are all the other forums when I take a peak occasionally.
  3. :yahoo:I'm so happy that you've found your peace of heaven here! Congrats on the bag and the posts!!:heart:
  4. :yahoo: congrats!!!!!!!! We hope youre here to stay! :heart:
  5. congrats, you dog is adorable
  6. i always love reading your posts, india!!
  7. Congrats! I just joined and I'm loving it here too!
  8. CONGRATS!!!! DH thinks PF is silly too, but I think its GREAT because I get to interact and meet wonderful everyday!!
  9. Hi India, congrats on snagging that Kelly, way to go!

    Here's to another 500!:drinks: