My 500th Post! Need ADVICE!

  1. Not as cool at tlloveshim's 5000th popst, LOL but I figured I needed something for my 500th since it took me soo long to get there.

    I am in medical school so posting as often as I like is very hard b/c I am always busy with school.

    It's hard to buy Coach when your friends don't really understand your passion for fashion. In medical school, I constantly get snide comments about my designer stuff. It makes me sad sometimes because I never had this problem when I did my undergrad at USC. My friends in LA have no problems with anything designer LOL!!! :p

    I dunno I believe just because I am going to be doctor doesn't mean I can't be a stylish one!!!! :yes:

    A guy in my class actually once asked me if I took a white tote and colored all over it when he saw me using my scribble bag!!!!!! :wtf: I think I almost choked on the granola bar I was eating in class LOL!


    SO my question for you is if your friends don't understand your Coach obsession, what do you do about it?

    Any suggestions for me?

    It really sucks to not have friends to talk about fun stuff like purses with!
  2. That's why I love tPF. :yes: DH usually puts up with listening to me. No one at work really understands and an older lady who works there proceeded to tell me about a previous worker there who was into designer bags and got into credit card problems when I showed her the WALLET I got (well really bought myself) for Christmas. :wtf: And I don't have any friends here IRL. *sigh* I did work with a girl back in MD who wasn;t into bags but loved shoes so we got along pretty well. I miss her. I really don't know what I would do without tPF. When it was down for a couple days a while back for the server move, I went through major withdrawal! :sad::weird::wacko::cry::sos::tpfrox:
  3. TOTALLY AGREE! That is why we all come here! None of my friends understand why I love Coach and it is just so much easier to talk with people who actually understand, than try to convience people why Coach is so amazing.
  4. Sorry to hear that no one understands your obsession. But that is why we are here for you. So you can obsess along with all of us crazy PFers. I also have a handful of girlfriends who love purses too but they don't go mad like I do. I actually met another PFer that lives in Tampa and we clicked right away. We still have not met each other IRL but we email each other every day about purses and other stuff. This forum is really great in that way. :flowers:
  5. There's also postings for tPF get-togethers in the different forums. If there's one in your area, you should try to get together and make new friends. Or start your own get-together. I know that might be difficult with med school and all.
  6. ^^ Agreed. Who else except tPF-ers understand your pain of not getting a PCE card? And then the excitement when someone shares theirs with you? Who else truly understands the maddening slow movement of time when you are waiting for a bag that you ordered to arrive? Or the fact that you don't want to stop to go to the restroom on the way of your four-hour trek to get to the outlet when it opens to get a Legacy bag for less than half of what it originally sold for? :roflmfao:
  7. I don't do a damn thing! I keep buying what I like - I don't have to explain that to anybody. DH and I live for us, not for anybody else. If anybody at work makes a comment, I just ignore it. Luckily it's the Army so most people have tougher skins about things anyway - but there are still trolls. I just ignore them, they would love nothing more than to drag me into their ugliness and I won't have any of that!

    your greatest pleasure in owning Coach should be how you feel when you carry it and look at it, nobody else's opinions should matter. You buy for yourself, right?
  8. I also have no friends or family members who understand my Coach obsession/hobby. LOL....its fun to chat here with fellow Coach girlfriends who get it. I'm also a SAHM so sometimes this is my social outlet throughout the day. Sad I know! LOL :p
  9. My mom is the only person outside of TPF that I can talk Coach with! My friends here aren't into this stuff at all! I only have some teenagers that occasionally recognize my signature bags and say, "is that Coach?" LOL! But I don't care. I say it's my thing and they leave me alone! Some of those same people who might make fun of you for spending money on Coach bags are spending tons on video games or other frivolous items! Enjoy your bags!


    Here's to you and me and Coach! Yay!!
  10. Amen! Sometimes I'm better at handling comments, "Oooh, is that another new Coach?" and dealing with even more snide remarks and glances. My husband and son are not much help here either.

    However, if this is how I choose to spend my hard earned money AND it makes me happy, well then to heck with the rest of the world. I always pay off my credit cards and I feel I've earned the right to spend my discretionary income the way I like.

    As far as comments like "What, another new bag?"
    To them I say, "Yes, I make sure to take all my girls out for a walk," and then I keep walking.
  11. I just wanna say how cute is that you are buying something to celebrate your 500 posts!! Congragulations!!!
  12. If they don't get it that is their problem. I actually have made a few TPF friends and they TOTALLY get it. They get it almost too much.
  13. I know how you feel.
    I moved to Vegas a year ago and I only have a few friends there. My best friend doesn't understand handbags at all and HATES shopping. If I want to go to the outlet mall I go alone. If hubby is available he'll go with me but he isn't a bag lover. We sort of agree to live and let live.
    I freelance as a stage manager and when I work in New York or on a National Tour there are plenty of women (and men) with Designer Bags. One director I worked with actually carried a LV Messenger and a Hermes Tote. We had fun shopping together. REcently though I did some work at a mid size regional theater. my bag was the only designer one in the building...
    so believe me I understand. I would have fit in more if I was carrying something from Rei or Old Navy... haha
  14. Do you still live in Los Angeles? If you do, you should come to our get together and you will meet a bunch of ladies that will TOTALLY understand your purse obsession


    Congrats on 500 posts!!!